Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday predictions

So today is Thursday! Results show tonight! After watching last nights show...I have some opinions...and I know yall want to hear them.
  • If you remember after last weeks result show, they sent Christina home. Mistake! I believe Mia and Adam read my blog prior to last nights show and see the error of their ways. With that being said, i did not find it classy at all for them to totally tear Melinda down like that on stage! But let's start from the beginning of the night:
  • AdeChike and Lauren do a Dave Scott Hip Hop number. Loved it! This totally showcased AdeChike's personality. The judges have been conserned with this in past shows. He totally brought it to the table this week. He really looked like he was enjoying himself.
  • Ashley and Ada do a Dee Caspary contemporary piece. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of seeing her do contemporary. She had contemporary the first week. The second week she was to do jazz, but Travis Wall turned that into a contemporary as well. And then this week she pulls the same damn thing. Hello....we know you can do contemporary. I think this might actually hurt her because we have seen no versatility. With that being said, she did do AMAZING last night.
  • Robert and Courtney did a Sonya Tayeh jazz routine. Let me start off by saying Sonya is one of my favorite choreographers...she brings something different and unique to the table. I thought the piece was great! The judges did not seem totally impressed with Robert's performance. I'm puzzled a little, but ok. Random note....I found Courtney's pants distracting, just sayin.
  • Melinda and Pasha dance a Fabian Sanchez salsa. I was curious to see how this was going to play out. I feel like this was Melinda dancing to stay in the competition...she has been in the bottom 3 every week. Dance starts off and her heel gets stuck in her dress! She totally played it off fixed it and kept going...impressive. But I didn't like the dance. I mean, she did all the moves, but it looked odd to me!
  • Lauren and Niel do a Joey Dowling broadway. Very cute! I liked it... And Lauren kept going even though her top broke..omg, almost a major waredrobe malfunction. I loved it but I believe the judges were on the fence on this one.
  • Billy and Kathryn perform a Stacey Tooke contemporary. I once again liked it. I love Kathryn. Now....I feel Billy is almost "to good" to be on this show. He is an amazing dancer. Even though the judges dissed him last week on his crump I thought he did good.
  • Jose and Anya do a Dmitry Chaplin salsa. I thought it was totally cute. Jose reminds me of Legacy from season past. He has no formal dance training and it shows. But he always gives it his all and puts it all out there. He makes it fun to watch. Like the judges said, technically it wasn't there, but it is entertaining. This is about AMERICAS favorite dancer not BEST TECHNICAL dancer. I feel Jose will be on the show at least another week.
  • Kent and Allison do a Mandy Moore jazz. Seems like week after week Kent is made to do a very mascuiline role. Not really his strong point. He's a performer and it shows. He totally plays to the audience. I felt it was a great performance but I do see what the judges are talking about. He needs to "connect" more with the music and his partner. He makes alot of "strange" faces when he dances....look for them next week, he's not going anywhere.
  • Alex and Twitch dance a Nappy Tabs Hip Hop. I was both looking forward to this and a little concerned. Alex is a beautiful ballet dancer and even he looked a little worried. Not only did he get hip hop, but he is dancing with a dude. Twitch is the master so Alex had his work cut out for him.......I totally feel Alex held his own. I was utterly amazed at the dance! Best of the night! I don't even know what else to say...speechless!

There is my recap. Now for my predictions. I still feel this is the year of the boys. We are already at 3 girls and 6 boys. I feel that a girl will go home tonight as well. The boys are just THAT good this year. It is hard for me to pick the bottom 3 this week...I know 2 but a third has me stumped. So the bottom 3:

  • Melinda-I feel that she should have gone home last week.
  • Ashley-I think since she continues to do contemporary people might be blah to her
  • AdeChike-not sure why but I had to pick was between him and Jose and I feel Jose has captured America's heart.

So there you have it! My thoughts! We will see how tonight plays out.

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