Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend

July 4th weekend didn't totally start off as planned. I picked up the boys from daycare like normal, no biggie....and then Blake started throwing up. Like 4 times!! Apparently the boy doesn't like carrots so much because this is what happens, just not usually this bad. I get home and have to bathe Blake because he gets it EVERYWHERE! Then we finally get all loaded up....pull out of the drive way and realize the lights on the camper don't work. What? Somehow the cable got pinched between the truck and the camper. So Robert had to but the wires and splice them the rain. AWESOME! An hour later.....we get on the road. It still only took us an hour and half to get to camp I said, we could have been there an hour earlier. Owell! We set up, I make a pot of chilli and have a few glasses of wine and hang out with friends and family, a very good night. Saturday, Blake tried fresh cantaloupe for the first time. Looks juicy huh? He loved it! He probably sucked on like 5 pieces.
Afterwards, he needed a bath. Those juices were sticky. Normally this is were my mom does her dishes....but today was spa day for Blake!
I just thought this was a cool picture of the water running down him.
Then, the rain came!
But Lindsey kept us entertained. Festive isn't she?
Raining on the lake. I was just playing with the camera. The rain was pretty bad. Aunt D had a rushing river going thru her camp was pretty bad. We had a small creek and my mom had a lazy river. That part sucked pretty bad.
Saturday night we made pudgy pies! I was super excited!!!!
There they are cooking in the fire. I burnt my first one. FML. But the second one was perfect. I was so excited about making them....I forgot to take a pic once it was done. lol
By the end of Sunday we had a really good time. Robert and I got lots of sun. Devon had fun like always. And Blake seemed to have a good weekend to. Aren't his eyes beautiful?
Hope everyone else had a good holiday weekend.

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