Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Predictions

I loved last nights show! I had so many comments...I found myself talking to myself last night. Saying "oh my" and "that is to funny". To start off Alex was injured, he did not dance. If he is unable to dance next week....he goes home. Not good because he is an excellent dancer.
  • Lauren and Pasha do a Cha-Cha. The costume was super sexy. I thought she danced it great and showed alot of maturity this week. So hott!
  • Jose and Lauren do a contemporary. Jose finally got to dance with Lauren's butt, lol. I like it alot. Jose reminds me of Dominic and Legacy from season's past. He is willing to learn anything and takes criticism well and works off of it. I believe he danced it well. I feel that he too showed some maturity in this dance.
  • Kent and Comfort did a hip-hop. Very Justin Timberlake. It was cute. Kent did well working on his facial expressions. It seemed like a very mellow layed back number.
  • Adechike and Courtney do Jazz! There were parts I loved and parts that I felt were so so. I do think the judges were a little harsh. I feel like Mia picks someone every year that she just "hates"....I think Adechike is the one this year.
  • Billy and Katee do Broadway. I heart Katee....I've missed her. I liked it, it was an interesting piece.
  • Ashley and Dominic do hip-hop. Finally she does something besides contemporary and she does EXCELLENT. I was really surprised how hard she hit it! I loved it alot. I wanted to watch it again. And I also think it is cute how they have carried on Dominics love for cute.
  • Robert and Katherine do Jazz. Love the idea that they are like Barbie and Ken dolls. I think they both held character well. I liked it.

Now they are to dance with a fellow competitor. I love this!

  • Adechike and Alex were supposed to to Bollywood. Alex is injured so Mala steps in. I never love love love bollywood. It seems like it takes alot of energy! But I didn't hate it. I like it. It annoyed me that Nigel said he didn't like how Adechike put his own "twist" on it. I'm glad Cat called him out and reminded him just the other week Jose was praised for doing just that!
  • Lauren and Kent do contemporary. I absolutely LOVED it! I thought they connected and danced it really well. I feel like they both danced it with the maturity the judges have been asking for. Kent really danced like a man! The end was a little awkward for me. I felt like I just witnessed Kent's first passionate kiss.
  • Robert and Ashley do the quickstep....a.k.a. the kiss of death. This dance is just dumb! No one has ever got a raving review from this dance. I do praise them for "getting thru it". Not my favorite at all. Nigel discussed how Robert has been in the bottom 3 it people are saying he's arrogant. Are you kidding me? Not at all.
  • Billy and Jose do an African Jazz. It was a little odd. I didn't feel like it was very manly and I feel it should have been since it was a hunter and his pray. You could tell Jose was uncomfortable to be dancing with a guy and in a skirt basically. Once again...Billy got some criticism and he looks uneasy about hearing it.

Predictions on the bottom 3? This is really hard this week because I feel all the dancers are good...and it is really what America thinks not the judges. We know that Alex is already in the bottom 3 and if they find out he can not dance next week (which honestly I will be surprised if he can) then he automatically goes home and everyone else basically gets a free pass this week. I feel since Adechike didn't get good reviews from either dance that might influence America a little and they won't vote for him. And personally I feel the third might be Billy again. I get that he is an amazing dancer...but I feel no connection with him like I do to the other dancers. So there it is:

  • Alex
  • Adechike
  • Billy

Should be an interesting night. I hope Alex is well enough to continue, he could possibly win this, but feel he has a bad injury. Results tonight!

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