Friday, July 30, 2010

The Results....7/29

As you can see, Billy and Jose went home. Before I go on about their departure, let me talk about the bottom three. Of course Billy and Jose were in the bottom three, but who joined them. I predicted it would be Adechike but I was totally wrong. It was Lauren! First time all season she has been in the bottom. I was a little baffled. There are only two reasons I could think of that she found herself in this predicament:
  • Maybe people got a little freaked when Cat announced right at the end of Wednesday night's show that she was with the medics. We have already had two dancers go home because of injury. Maybe people didn't want to "waste" their vote.
  • Wednesday night was really not "her" night. Her dance with Allison was good, but I felt like she was holding back a little. And even Nigel said her dance with Adechike they were both just going thru the movements.

Either way, the judges saved her. But starting next week, it is all up to America. I honestly think Kent might totally have this!

Back to the departures.

I don't think Jose was surprised. I loved his little speech. You can tell he is truly honored to have made it this far and has learned so much. I loved that he said he considers himself a dancer now. He is so down to earth, i love him.

Billy was a little surprised I think. But that goes back to him thinking he is the shit and God's gift to the dancing world. I'm not saying the boy isn't good...but people do not like arrogance.

The dancers from Step It Up 3D performed....IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I think April and I need a movie date to go see that movie...just saying. Even Lil C was dancing, it was BUCK! haha

This has been a very exciting year and full of some of the shows best dancers ever. I am sad that in 2 weeks the show will be over, it's one of the reasons I love summer.

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  1. OMG! I will totally go on a movie date w/you to see that movie! We'll make plans ok?