Friday, July 23, 2010

6 Months!

Yesterday Blake had his half birthday! 6 has really flown by. I baked cupcakes for the occassion.
He wasn't to sure about just pushed it over at first. We flipped it over and he put his hand right on top, and looked to make sure it was ok.
I think he really liked the texture.
We helped him out and put his other hand on it as well for him. yay!
Getting messy!
Daddy trying to get Blake to take a little bite. He knew what the icing tasted like but we want to try out the actual cupcake.
He was sold! He wanted a big yummy bite.
Too cute! We couldn't get him to smile for nothing.
Didn't make to much of a mess.
He has a bite in his mouth.
Taking a few more bites.
Finger lickin good!
He can star in Avatar now (get it, blue face, lol).
He's telling PawPaw how good it was.
Clearly he looks done here. He started rubbing it in his eyes and ears. Bath time!
After bath time and a bottle....he decides to smile!
  • 17 pounds, 6 ounces
  • Rolling over like crazy
  • Starting to have more hand/eye coordination
  • I love that you are able to hold your bottle on your own.
  • I love the smile on your face when I pick you up from daycare.
  • I love the giggles you make when daddy gives you kisses and tickles your face.
  • I love how adoring you look at your big brother when he comes and talks to you every morning.
  • I love the perfect way you completed our family....Party of Five! (I loved that show)


  1. awwww... i just want to squish his little cheeks!!! happy 1/2 b-day blake!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog from comments somewhere else, and I wanted to say that he has the most gorgeous little eyes. :)