Saturday, July 17, 2010

A boys journal

At the end of the school year Devon was able to bring home all his school stuff that he had worked on thru out the year. One of these things was his journal. I finally got around to reading it. It is very interesting to see the kind of things that go thru my boy's head. Somethings are about his life and I remember when something he wrote happened. Here are a few entries from his journal. Some are very sweet, some are random and some are even sad.
"What makes me angry is when somebody steals something of mine or pushes me and hurts me when I fall it hurts my feelings. That's why I don't bully. I will never ever ever be a bully never be a bully in my whole entire life"
"My favorite place to eat is Outback. I love their macaroni and cheese it's so delicious and cheesy and their desserts are so good. And the coloring pages are fun to do."
"My mom grew up in Mississippi and my dad grew up in Texas. They met in high school and my grandpa was in the war, one of the world wars."
(side note: I was born in Michigan and grew up in Texas. Robert and I meet on my 21st birthday and clearly my dad was not in the world war)
"Last night I played with my legos and then I watched tv then I had dinner than dessert and I snuggled with my cat named Sadie. She is really fuzzy and fun to play with alot and I watched my dad play farmville he goes there every single day I come home he's playing it."
"My baby brother Blake was born on Friday. He is really small and I was shy but I got use to seeing him for 1 day then I went to my grandma and grandpa's for 2 days. Then I went home with my dad, mom, sissy and my baby brother, Blake and before I went to bed I held Blake and said good night to him"
"My grandparents are fun to play with and they tell you to try again and they are special because they are best grandparents in the whole universe and they buy you cool toys and if I'm good for a long time they'll buy me a toy"
"This Sunday I'm getting Easter presents and on summer I am going to have tons of fun like fishing with my pawpaw and we are going camping in a tent then I am going to Lake Livingston with my grandma, grandpa, Dad, Mom, Sissy, my cousin Carter, and Aunt Neicey and Korey and Lindsey and Uncle Clay we are going to have a lot of fun that week."
"If I pretended I was a flower and the flower that I would be is a rose because I love the color red and I love my baby brother, Mom, Dad, Sissy, Aunt Mindy, Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, Aunt Neicey, Uncle Clay, Korey and Lindsey, Carter, Pawpaw and I especially candy like mints, chocolate, mini krusty crab sandwiches and skittles and m&m's too."
Is he not the sweetest little guy when he wants to be? I love this boy so much!

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  1. He is so funny. This was my first love. I'm so glad he is doing so much better in school and actually enjoying it.