Friday, July 29, 2011

The Results....7/28

Oye!  First let me start off with saying I honestly look forward every Wednesday and Thursday cuddling up on the couch and watching the show.  Imagine my surprise when I realized my WHOLE BODY was breaking out in hives right before I watched last nights show.  My happiness was fading.....

As I suspected on SYTYCD, Jordan and Caitlynn were in the bottom 4.  No surprise for me.  Nothing against them, but Sasha and Melanie are ah-mazing.  But, the guys threw me off.  I knew Jess would be in the bottom 4.  When it was between Ricky and Tadd and they said Ricky was safe....I-WAS-NOT-HAPPY!  I even remember saying to my daughter "if Ricky makes it to the finale I hope all his cheerleader groupies get hives all over their bodies too!"  That's right, I'm ugly like that.  I hate that this competition turns into a popularity contest instead of who actually danced/performed the best.

I did say to myself that Caitlynn's solo was better then Jordan's.  But really, both their solos were kind of blah and like every other solo you have seen them do before.  The result was a toss up for me.  Jordan went home.

Then the guys.  I liked Jess's solo and and was kind of ehh about Tadd's, but I love Tadd.  I think overall Tadd is the better dancer.  Jess went home.

After next week we will know who is in the finale.  My guess for the finale is Melanie, Sasha, Marko and Tadd.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Predictions

I loved the show this week.  The all-stars are amazing!  Oh, and did y'all know Twitch and Allison are dating and Lauren (from last season) and D-Trix are dating.  So really, SYTYCD is a dating show to!  Let's carry on.  Lady Gaga was a guest judge and I was surprised she was "normal" and really good.

Sasha and Pasha dance a quickstep.  The footwork was decent but not a "good" quickstep".  It was fun and entertaining but not the best I've ever seen. 

 Caitlynn and Ivan do a hip hop number.  Started a little slow.  They did well.  It was cute but not sexy.  Good partnering but I think it need a little more "sexy" from Caitlynn.  She needed to put her hips into it.
 Jordan and Ade do jazz.  They had a "moment" at the end....I thought they were going to kiss.  Very busy, a lot of flips.  Fun Routine.  Great leg extensions.  They were in unison.
 Melanie and Neil do contemporary.  Honestly...this is like a match made in heaven in the contemporary world.  Amazing!!!  You can always see the emotion in Melanie's face.  Great lifts.  Seeing Melanie literally fly through the air into Neils arms was amazing!  Flawless.  Standing O.  Lady Gaga said she would hire Melanie.
 Ricky and Anya do a jive.  She did an awesome flip with Ricky, like she flipped him!  I don't think he dance it well.  He almost dropped her once.
 Jess and Lauren G do hip hop.  I liked it.  When Jess finally got to dance, he flowed really well.
 Tadd and Lauren do jazz.  I think they danced it well, but I didn't like the choreography.  Tadd lost his hat and got punched in the face and acted like neither ever happened.  The judges seemed to love it as well.
 Marko and Allison do contemporary.  Standing O!  Both dancers were moved to tears.  Gaga cried!  So emotional.  In unison.  Great partnering.  Another wonderful piece with Allison in it.
 Caitlynn and Tadd danced a foxtrot.  I found myself watching Tadd the whole time.  Great partnering.  Good footwork.  Caitlynn looked very elegant.
 Marko and Ricky do hip hop.  Awesome.  Marko out danced Ricky.  Great footwork.  Marko seemed so natural at it.  I even saw him singing at one point.  Ricky seemed a little "elementary" dancing.  Very entertaining.  I see this as one of the dances Ellen does like she did of Alex and Twitches dance last year.
 Jordan and Jess do a rumba.  Jordan stole the show.  Jess just isn't "sexy".  Good partnering.  Not good chemistry.  She was arching her back to much.  Her dress was barely there.  The judges didn't seem to love the dance.
Melanie and Sasha dance a jazz.  The two best dancers were together.  I was so excited for it to start.  Really, Really good!!!  Standing O!  Best of the evening!


Bottom 4

I think based on last night that Ricky and Caitlynn will be going home.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Results 7/21...

I know this is WAY late!  I was busy?  I don't get on the computer till late and I didn't type up the post because the pics were on my work computer and I've gone a year with every post having a photo and I won't stop now.

So, the bottom four were Mitchell, Ricky, Clarice and Jordan.

This year eliminations are so much harder, they really have great talent this year.  But sadly Mitchell and Clarice went home.  I think Clarice went home because she hasn't really done anything to "stand out".  But she is a wonderful dancer and we will hear from her again.  Mitchell is really good, but the other guys are just better.  We will hear from him again to (anyone think he reminds you of Chris Tucker).

I will try and be more on the ball with my SYTYCD recap.  I have to start blogging from home so I emailed the photos I need there, so no excuse.  Can't wait for tonight!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fat Tuesday...and another guest post

I'm not even sure how it happened, but I lost 2 pounds!  I weighed myself first thing this morning.  Unfortunately with the way things are at work lately, I was so stressed out I didn't even get a chance to be excited about it.  But 2 pounds, yay!!  I'm starting to get squishy again and need to fix that.  I have good intentions while I'm at work but...when you come home to a husband, a 18 month old, a 10 year old and an 18 year old, you don't always get to do what you want.  I know if I just started eating better it would make a big difference, it worked before.
And now it is time for the third installment of my guest blogger.  Also, she has a new blog.  She hasn't posted yet, but be on the look out!  True Confessions of a Skinni Cow

Seeing is Believing… 
Do you ever look in the mirror and just not see yourself?  I honestly thought that it was just me or maybe only overweight people, but the more people I talk to the more I realize everyone has their moments when they just don’t want to see themselves.  Until recently, however, I didn’t notice that was the case for me. Now looking back it so obvious that as much as I disparaged the various squishy, icky parts of myself,  my gaze never took in the whole me.  Maybe it was a defense mechanism to keep me from being depressed by a rather lardy me, but it also kept me from seeing the new me that was trying to get out. It was actually Jessie who made me take a good hard look at myself and see the changes that all this hard work had done to my body and my health.  Before that, I still only saw a generic version of fat me… losing 20, 30, 40 lbs was all great, and trust me I was seriously happy, but it was so difficult to wrap my mind around the amount of change that had made. 
We went dress shopping for Easter (it was one of my mini goals) and I said, in my then-usual negative way that I thought the size she thought I could wear was being being ‘too ambitious”.  She didn’t give up, though and I tried on not only the size she said, but 2 other smaller sizes (really, clothing manufactures, some consistency would be fabulous). 
Oh, my, God.  This was the first time I cried in the dressing room for a GOOD REASON.  I may have even hugged Jessie, and I’m not a huggy kind of girl.  Unfortunately, once you start looking in the mirror, it’s hard to stop, lol.  I find myself glancing every time I pass one, just to see if anything has changed today.  And she must be going crazy because it’s all I want to talk about these days… what I’m eating, the gym, crunches, ect.  So I want to say a huge THANK YOU for being my biggest supporter and most amazing cheerleader to Jessica.  You really can’t change yourself with out a TON of support, friendship (& the occasional reality check!) of a really great friend.  You’re certainly not getting it from the skinny mean girls!!!  That’s a topic for another day

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Predictions

Let me start off with I LOVE THAT THE ALL STARS ARE BACK!!!!

Also, I know that this post is incredibly late, but the powers that be would NOT let me blog until now.  Ugh.

Here we go:

Marko and Chelsie do a salsa!  Chelsie has always been one of my favs and I was so happy when she ended up on Dancing With the Stars.  To have her back as an All Star is amazing.  This dance was very fast moving.  I think Marko did a good job at keeping up with her.  I loved the flips and good foot work.  Judges loved it as well.

Jordan and Brandon have a contemporary piece.  This was very good, they stayed in sync.  Very precise moves.  Nigel says Jordan has many strengths.  Breath taking.

Tadd and Comfort have a hip-hop number.  When I saw that they were doing a hip hop together I said to my daughter "this is going to be good".  Ugh.  I think they did what was asked of them.  I thought it was going to blow me away, it didn't.  They were in sync.  Nigel said Tadd out danced Comfort, and he did. She was just kind of....background.

Mitchell and Melody did jazz.  I didn't watch all of Season 1 and don't remember Melody at all.  I also didn't think she was that great tonight.  Might not have been her fault.  I didn't like the number.  I think they did what they were supposed to but I didn't "get it".  Not good comments from the judges either.

Caitlynn and Pasha do a sexy tango.  Caitlynn looked like a completely different girl.  Good foot work, I only saw one mess up.  Mary gave her a standing "O".  All the judges loved it!!!  The lifts were effortless.

Sasha and Twitch have hip hop.  OMG!!!  My new favorite dance in SYTYCD history.  Hott!!  She absolutely kept up with Twitch.  I think she even made him step it up a notch.  Absolutely feel the sexual tension.  Standing O.  Not a bad comment from the judges.  Mary said Sasha is the All Star tonight!

Jess and Kathryn did a contemporary piece.  Good lifts.  Very emotional.  Jess was there for Kathryn.  Mary's favorite routine with Jess.  Nigel said he did good at the lifts.  Nigel also thinks it is his best routine to date.

Melanie and Pasha do the Viennese Waltz.  I hate this dance in general...I think they should do away with it.  To me, there wasn't alot of "dancing".  What was done, was done well.  Mary loved it.  Flowed well.  All the judges loved it.

Ricky and Allison do a jazz.  It was Awesome!!!!  Loved the concept.  I love Allison, so glad she is back as an All Star.  Ricky kept up with her.  Amazing lifts.  Ricky out did himself.  I think he needed this.

Clarice and Robert did Bollywood.  Best Bollywood I've seen!  Standing O.  Danced with ease.  High energy.  Made me want to go learn Bollywood.

Who will be in the bottom three?  Based on last nights performances I think:

Mitchell-not a good dance
Tadd-the dance didn't ask alot of him
Clarice-I don't think she has a big fan base

Who do I think will be going home?  I think 2 go home....right?

Ugh...I hate picking.  Maybe Tadd and Clarice?  I really don't know but that is my guess.

I think the final 2 will be between Sasha and Melanie!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fat Tuesday...guest post part 2

I am beginning to hate Tuesday.  I dread weighing in.  I eat crap and I know it.  I don't have time to exercise unless I want to give up sleep and I get so little of that already that wouldn't be smart.  I gained 1.6 pounds this week.  I sit here shaking my head as I type this.  If we could have a world with out bread I think I would be ok.

Here is another awesome installment and guest post from Beauty Sale Shopper about her amazing weight-loss.

Don't tell anyone....

That was my philosophy for the first 2-4 weeks on weight watchers.  So they saw me eating better.  It's not like this is the first time I'd tried to diet, right?  I was completely paranoid that if anyone figured out that I was serious this time they would be discouraging or try to sabotage my efforts.  Seriously, I knew the that the least bit of negativity would completely ruin it for me.  Feelings were hurt during this time period.  I had to decline lunch invites and not eat mom's cooking without explanation.  My biggest concern was a (now ex!!) boyfriend and his snotty know-it-all attitude.  For some reason, I did talk to him about it and you know what?  Everything I was doing was so wrong, according to him.  Hmmm, really?  Let me tell you what I was doing and what my results were and you can figure out just how much he knew.  Everyday I spent at least one hour at the gym, not including walking there and back.  Also, sticking to the weight watchers plan religiously and losing IN THE FIRST 4 WEEKS....13.8 POUNDS!!!

Now I know the first two entries on my guest post were pretty negative, but that's how it was the first month of this.  When friends started noticing and when my family saw that I was beyond serious this time they did something that I SHOULD HAVE expected, but DIDN'T.  THEY SUPPORTED ME.  Considering the journey I'd just begun...I was going to need it.

Until next weeks installment....

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Results.....7/14

Last nights show.....  I honestly had no idea who America would put in the bottom 3.  And I was surprised by the results.

Caitlynn and Mitchell
Ryan and Ricky
Sasha and Alexander

I kind of thought Caitlynn and Mitchell would be there.  Their hip hop routine wasn't one of their best dances.

Ryan and Ricky I knew would be in the bottom.  For some reason they find themselves there week after week.  I think Ryan did really well but peaked to late in the competition.

Sasha and Alexander I was totally surprised by.  I thought for sure Sasha's fans would vote enough for her.  I think that her and Alexander were surprised as well.  I didn't realize that Sasha was such an emotional person until last weeks results.  She had tears in her eyes the rest of the night.

Who went home?  Ryan and Alexander.  Are we surprised with Ryan?  No.  The judges have been bagging on her for the last couple of weeks and this was her first really good week.  Compared with the other girls on the show....she was the weakest.  Alexander...  While I think he is a good dancer, I've said for weeks if they ever were in the bottom 3 he would be the one to go.  Like Ryan this was is first really good week and compared to the other guys that hold their own week after week, it was his time to go.

Now we have our top 10 dancers that will be going on tour!!!  I say every year I'm going to see them.  This year I really HAVE to!!!!

I am glad that next week we start voting for individuals...and the ALL STARS ARE BACK!!!!  I love all of the all stars coming back.  The only one I haven't seen is the one girl from Season 1 because I didn't watch it religiously then like I do now.

On a side not (totally irrelevant but I think it is funny) my daughter can't remember every ones names so they all have nicknames.  Caitlynn's is "the girl with the perfect bangs".  Don't you just love them!?!?

5 Question Friday

Thank the Heavens it is Friday!  Tomorrow I leave for San Antonio for the night of adult fun with my hubby and some friends!  Can't wait.  Feel free to link up with Mama M.

1. If you knew your best friend's spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?


2. Soda in a can or a bottle?

I like bottle soda if I have a cup of ice to pour it in other wise I'll take a can.

3. What do you wash first, hair or body?

Face, shampoo hair, put conditioner in, wash body, then wash conditioner out.

4. What advice would you give to any new mama?

It's ok to make minor mistakes as long as you learn from them.  Don't be so hard on yourself, these little guys don't come with instructions.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.

5. What is your best hangover remedy?

Advil and Gatorade

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Predictions

I first want to say....Jess was an AWESOME guest judge.  Very funny!!

 Sasha and Alexander opened up with a Paso Doble.  Alex seemed more like the female than Sasha in this routine.  I didn't care for the slow parts either.  Not their best at all.
 Jordan and Tadd did a Travis Wall Contemporary.  I didn't feel like they used the whole stage.  You didn't really get the story line until the end.  I loved Jordan's costume.  Good footwork as well.  Judges didn't really connect with the story.
 Ryan and Ricky have a Broadway number. Woah!  A dance where Ryan is SUPPOSED to smile, right up her alley.  I think Ryan killed it!  I didn't really "notice" Ricky at all.  Judges liked it but had some critiques.
 Caitlynn and Mitchell did hip hop.  Caitlynn hit alot harder then Mitchell.  Judges didn't like it.  They didn't feel they were in sync and didn't get the story line.  I thought it was strange.
 Melanie and Marko do a sexy Tango.  LOVED IT!!! Melanie was sexy though out the whole dance.  Very well danced.  The lift and flip was amazing.  I even went back on the dvr to watch it again!
 Clarice and Jess have hip-hop.  Another great dance.  Jess had some moves, I was impressed.  Very well danced.
 Sasha and Alexander have a jazz piece.  Very good.  Very strong, could see the emotion, and they were in sync.  Sasha actually fell at the end.  Alex didn't dance in Sasha's shadow, he danced with her.  I was proud of him.

 Jordan and Tadd do Broadway.  Bad song for the piece.  Well danced though.  Judges didn't feel like they were pushed...that is the choreographers fault not theirs, but whatev.
 Ryan and Ricky do a Cha Cha.  Ryan was sexy.  She really stepped up her game.  Both danced well but Ryan stole the show.  Great booty shakin.  Once again I didn't really notice Ricky.  Judges hated on Ryan and gushed on Ricky.  I think they might have it out for her.
 Caitlynn and Mitchell do jazz.  Parts of it were awkward.  At the end Mitchell's head was totally in Caitlynns goodies.  Great partnering.  Awesome lifts and flips.
 Mealine and Marko have a contemporary piece.  Loved it so much.  Very smooth and emotional.  Was one of the judges favorites of the night.
Clarice and Jess end the show with a jive.  Very high energy.  Mary said one of the fastest jives she's seen on the show.  Loved it but there were a few problems.  The footwork was still good.

I had a really hard time picking a bottom three couple this week.  I don't feel any couple as a whole deserves to be there, but individuals do.  I can't wait till next week when it becomes an individual competition.  I love Jordan and Tadd but didn't love the dances they were put in.  Keep in mind this is who I would put in the bottom three.  I realize it isn't who America would because it is really just a popularity contest.  Sasha has been carrying Alexander for weeks this way.

Jordan and Tadd (they are one of my favs, but not a good night for them)
Ricky and Ryan (when Nigel hates on someone...they usually end up in the bottom)
Caitylynn and Mitchell (because I have to pick 3)

Who do I think will go home?  Out of these three, Ricky and Ryan.  Suck always couples get voted off this year.  Luckily all couples are broken up to dance with the all stars next week!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Painting with a Twist

I went to a painting class last night.  It was one of those places where you bring your own bottle of wine and they teach you to paint.  I loved it!!!
 We get there and this is our canvas.  All white except for a wine glass penciled in.
 Step one: paint the whole canvas yellow and the edges a brown/red. 
 I have to say, I felt like my Grandma was with me and I loved it.  She use to paint some amazing things.

 It's autographed...think it will be worth something one day..ha!

 It was a fun girls night.  I went with my mom, my friend Sabrena and my neighbor Paige. 
And now my masterpiece has a new home.  It needs to be framed.  I am going to redecorate my kitchen in wine so it was a good painting to do.  I'm ready to go back and do another painting.  It was fun.  I will admit when I started adding more color to the canvas...I got nervous.  But it came together and doesn't look half bad for a first painting.

Happy Hump Day!