Thursday, September 30, 2010

In case you wanna know

I was catching up on reading my blog's and I saw the latest post by Brown Eyed Girl's ramblings and thought I would jump on the old band wagon. Not sure why? I have 16 followers and I only think 3 of them read this but day I'll be famous, you don't even know! Sidenote: diet is doing great! Went walking Tuesday night. I've been eating really good and not cheating at all. Go me! 10 pounds and I'll buy me a nice shirt, 2 pant sizes I'll treat myself to a pair of Miss Me jeans. I got this!
  1. List four things you carry in your handbag.

my wallet, chapstick, my planner, checkbook

2. List four things on top of your desk.

picture of my husband and I at our wedding, my cell phone, glass of water, crackers

3. List four of your favorite things in your bedroom.

my jewelry box my husband bought me, our family photos above the computer, my scentsy, my wedding gnome

4. List four things you have always wanted to do but haven't.

feed the homeless, learn to dance w/the hubby, go on a girls vacation, run for longer than 5 minutes at a time

5. List four things you really enjoy doing at the moment.

blogging, doing more "photo shoots", being crafty, eating good

6. List four songs you can't get out of your head.

Carrie Underwood's new one (can't think of the name), Pour some Sugar on Me (random I know), Baby Got Back (thanks to a blog I read yesterday), big green tractor (not sure that is the name)

7. List four things people don't know about me.

I talk to my mom every morning (during the work week), I love cottage cheese with tomatoes, I use to take anti-depressants, I enjoy being myself

There you go....crap you could have done without today yet you read it anyways. =) Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


brought to you by Stuff No One Told Me
love it!

Rays of Sunshine

Do you ever sit back and think "my life is pretty great"? Everyone should do that on occasion. Everyone has bad days or random problems but in the "big picture" it really that bad. Beauty Sale Shopper had a post today that made me stop and think about just that. I have a job, which these days everyone should be thankful if they have one. I'm not going to lie, I bitch about my job alot, but's an easy job for me (I just work with a bunch of stupid people, Beauty Sale Shopper can agree). I have a wonderful husband that loves me despite my flaws and quirks that sometimes drive him crazy. He's there for me when I need him. He provides the roof over my head, the electricity to live and the comfort and love to get me from day to day. I have amazing kids! Truly....I don't even think they realize it sometimes.
  • Alexys-my one and only daughter. My teenager that brings on the gray hair and tons of stress but I wouldn't change a moment of it because that's what I always wanted. I've wished for years for her to live with us and now I thank God to have her in our home. Everyday is a learning experience, some good, some bad but I take them all because it just makes our family grow and become that much closer. She reminds me that I am so much more to her than just a "mom". At the same time....what an honor that when she talks to friends and says "my mom" she is totally talking about me! That is a gift you have to earn...for that, I thank her.
  • Devon-my first born. My wonderful 9 year-old that still loves to snuggle with his mommy at the end of the day. That is growing up before my eyes at lightning pace. He loves to do things on his own but still likes to know that we are there for him when he needs us. His love of reading and school delights me to no end. His unbelievable ability to be the best big brother I've ever seen (to think I was actually worried about this). Who use to get so sad when his sister had to go home to her mom and was so happy when he found out she would be with us all the time. Who is such a gentleman and holds the doors open for ladies. Who every day makes a point to randomly tell his family, individually, that he loves them!
  • Blake-my baby. Who warms my heart when he smiles when I get him out of bed every morning. Who loves to snuggle when he's sleepy. Who loves to see his brother and sister, and lights up when Daddy come home from work. Who is a wonderfully happy baby that hardly ever cries. Who lights up the room when he smiles. Who every thinks he should totally be the next Gerber baby or Gap baby. Who completed our family and made us a party of 5!

I have a wonderful mom that will talk to me about anything and support me in all I do.

I am lucky enough to have a handful of close friends to go to all the time. Some people find them selves lucky to have 1...but I have several.

So to everyone, take a little time and count your blessings. Some one is always worse off than yourself so be grateful for what you have.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Yay! One week down on the 3 day diet. I'm not going to was hard. The first day is the hardest for two reasons. 1. It's the first day of a diet 2. you get the least amount of food that day. But I stuck with it to the letter the first day. After the first day I weighed myself....I had already lost 3 pounds. Sweet. So I stuck with the diet for 2 more days like instructed. It really wasn't so bad. Then the "off days" came. I'm not going to lie....I didn't do good at all. Note to anyone wanting to do this diet.....on your first day off...don't eat fast food, it will go right through you, no lie! Then on Saturday I had a slumber party with my girl friends and we ate crap and drank alot of wine. Sunday, we had a pretty big dinner with the neighbors. On Monday morning I weighed myself, I gained all the weight back I lost. I was upset. So for breakfast I made 2 scrambled eggs and a piece of toast. Lunch, I went to Subway. I just got a sandwich, instead of chips and a drink I got one cookie and drank tea. Dinner time I did good as well, I had a piece of chicken breast, some mac n' cheese and a piece of cornbread. I came to work today. Tuesday is "official weigh in day" for me. I stepped on the scale....and lost the weight from the weekend! What? In one day? I can totally do this if I make smart choices everyday. So in all, week 1 of the 3 day diet I lost 4 pounds. I can't complain at all with that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Instruction Manual

I often wonder where the hell the instruction manual for parenting is. I don't think that God gave a child to a husband and wife and said "Here, figure it out and don't eff it up!". I'm just sure that's NOT how it went down.
I have three beautiful kids who I love with all my might...but I often wonder if I'm making the right choices as a parent. I'm sure all parents go through this (at least I hope). If I sit and think about it to much I just stress myself out.
Raising a child is one of the most difficult jobs. As a child/teenager I went through life thinking my mom had it easy and being a parent wasn't that difficult. I even thought sometimes my mom's rules were crazy and she didn't understand and yada yada. It wasn't until I became a parent myself that I apologized to my mom. I wasn't a bad kid by any means. I just now realize just how hard it is.
Every ones situations are different. So, what works for one family might not necessarily work for another. Plus, with so many people having a blended family it really changes the who dynamics of it all.
I try to make the right choices with all my kids. And sometimes I will be the first to admit (after the fact) that it isn't always the right one. But I learn from it, fix it, and carry's all I can do. I hope when they get older they to will realize how hard it is to be a parent and maybe even appreciate all the hard work I put into our "party of five". It's not always easy...but they are totally worth it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Photo Blog

If anyone would like to check out and possibly follow my photo blog that would be awesome!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Exciting Weekend

Can't wait for the weekend to start! Tonight....I'm making my first every from scratch cake! I'm nervous. But, my dear friend, Sabrena, promised to walk me through it and even hold my hand. I promise to post pics of this....always a good time with Sabrena around. See this girl.....she has homecoming tomorrow. While it is not HER first's the fire homecoming I get to do with her. I am excited and honor to do so. We had my mom make her dress. It is totally cute and totally her. She's getting her nails done right now and she said the match perfect.....this to will be posted with pics I'm sure. Saturday night....girl time! That's right we are having a slumber party. Nothing better than a couple of 30 something ladies sitting around in jammies with several bottles of wine. I am really looking forward to that. Relaxation! Another mission this weekend....get Blake at least in the start of doing the army crawl or rolling to get where he needs to go or something. He's cute as a button but he needs to start getting the move on it. Hope everyone has a good weekend...what do you have planned?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

8 months

Look at you! 8 months old. Alexys' school has spirit week this week for homecoming and yesterday was overall you joined in. Adorable. Last Thursday you said dada for the first time. Daddy and I were both sweet. You are sitting up much more on your own. Recently, you have started playing much more in the bath tub. You eat like it is going out of style. I had daycare start giving you a little table food as well. You ate the whole plate yesterday! You recognize the important people in your life and respond to your name. You are a very happy baby and for the most part unbelievably quiet. You started giving kisses....mostly to Daddy, not sure about that. And, when you are sleepy you LOVE to snuggle with a comfy, soft blanket. Few more months and you will be 1 year old and your momma will cry, go figure. Love ya,


Today is my last day of the Three Day Diet before my 4 glorious days off. I weighed myself this morning, 2 more wonderful pounds have left my body! Whoop whoop! That make the total 5 pounds in 2 days! Yesterday wasn't bad at all. I did get a little hungry around 5 when I left work and I knew dinner wouldn't be ready till at least 6:30 so I chewed a slice of sugar-free gum and was happy! I'm totally pumped, I feel very energized. I think seeing daily results totally motivates as well. But let me say much I lose doesn't really concern me. Let me explain...I'm not concerned with "the number" (how much I weigh), I'm concerned with how well I fit in my clothes. I'm not going to lie and say that "the number" doesn't matter at all. When I weighed myself Tuesday morning I just about fell out because that is the most I've ever weighed. But, "the number" is easier to deal with when your clothes look good on you. I will not go crazy on my off days. I pledge that to myself. But, even just having ONE blueberry muffin for breakfast sounds like a gourmet feast after the past 3 days! Here's to weight loss!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fat Tuesday

I know it is "really" Wednesday, but whatev! I wanted to live out all of Tuesday so I could give you a good Fat Tuesday post. Yesterday I actually started a diet! I know right. I was getting nowhere fast on my own so anything was worth a try, and one of the ladies in my office has lost a ton of weight on this. It's the 3 day diet! I like it because you get off days. I diet for 3 days and off for 4. I picked Tuesday thru Thursday for a reason. First, I weigh in on Tuesday's so I think that is a good day to start every week. Second, Monday's are hard enough....why put more pressure on it. Third, who wants to diet on the weekend? So, yesterday morning I got on the scale. Ugh! The most I've EVER weighed!!!! I was discouraged already. I ate my breakfast per my diet. No biggie, I'm not a big breakfast girl. Then can of tuna and a piece of toast. That's it? Oy! But I did it. I did cheat a little and have 3 strawberries for a snack. I got home and had the dinner. I don't like hot dogs so I did lean meat instead. And before I went to bed (still hungry), I thought....I made it through the day! On my way to work this morning I was thinking about the food for the 3 day diet. The first day you get the least amount of food. Already tackled the hardest day. I got this shit, I said to myself. I got to work, and weighed myself just for shits and giggles. OMG! I lost 3 friggin pounds in one day!!! Talk about motivation. So today I've been totally dedicated and I've been positive about this diet thing. Friday morning though....I'm having a damn good breakfast because Mamma's hungry!


It's happening again! I feel myself losing control...of everything. My desk at work looks like crap...papers every where. Just when i think there is light at the end of the tunnel, some one puts a stack of shit in my box or I have 30 invoices to print from my email. Ugh! Just once I would like to be totally on my A game at work. And if you take a day off (a scheduled day if that) you come back and have twice as much shit to do. Really, work is not a win win situation. Home life....that is another story.

  • I have tons of stuff of Blake's to put in the attic
  • Blake has laundry to put up and clothes to go through and see if they fit
  • there is a stain on Blake's floor from when he got sick that doesn't seem like my hubby is going to get up so I need to do that as well
  • Devon needs more hangers for his clothes
  • I need to go through Devon's toys, box up books for Blake from his room as well.
  • my closet is still a force to be reckoned with...enough said
  • That pile of shit I keep on the kitchen matter how many times I remove it, the shit magically reappears.
  • my hubby....i really miss him! We never have time alone anymore and I feel him slipping away, I don't like that at all =(

I have a mission this tackle at least 3 of these items! I can do it! ugh.........

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Predictions

  • As I figured....this was not a weekly thing. My last prediction was on 8/19/10, before school started. A few things have happened since then, go figure right! Let me talk about what happened with those predictions first.
  • Devon does love school! His behavior is even really good this year.
  • I was totally wrong about Alexys! While no teenager LOVES school. She doesn't hate it either and that makes me happy. She got her progress report the other day. She was happy and her father and I were so proud. 5 As and 2 Bs. Not bad at all! If she gets all As on her report card.....she gets $200! Good incentive right!
  • Blake...he is able to play with the other babies more now that he sits up. The teachers always comment on his happy personality and have recently said he's starting to babble more. Sweet!
  • My anxiety of being an over-protective mom.... I was actually more worried about Alexys then Devon. But when she got home and text me that it was actually a decent day I was happy. I text her Tuesday morning when she was on her way to school...about her mission to become a social butterfly. I told her the goal this week was to make at least 1 new friend. When she got home...she had made several new friends! yay!


  • Blake-I don't see him taking off crawling anytime soon, but if I could get him to get on all 4s that would be awesome. Sleeping through the night again would be nice. Seems he either pees through his diaper in the middle of the night or just likes to wake up crying lately.
  • Devon-I predict that school will continue to go smoothly. He has been asking to have his first sleep over and I might cave this weekend and let him do it. My little boy is growing up and I need to let him spread his wings. I even left him home alone for 20 minutes by himself last week. OMG!
  • Alexys-I predict that she will totally get all As on her report card because money totally motivates her. Plus the fact that we actually tell her we are proud of her....I think that does a little something for her as well. She is having a slumber party this weekend (because clearly, I've lost my mind) and I think the girls will have an awesome time. Kristen is coming over early and the girls are going to do a "photo shoot" with me. They both seem excited and are already picking out outfits and deciding hair and make up. I predict at Homecoming she will look beautiful, have an awesome time and dance her heart out.
  • Me-I predict as usual I will commit to more things then are humanly possible but still manage to get them all done and make everyone happy. I predict I will try my hardest to get organized this weekend but will decide that chillin with a glass of wine sounds better.
  • Robert-I predict that he will enjoy his long weekend away at the deer lease but come Sunday he will miss me and the kids desperately and come home as soon as possible.

There you random predictions in a nut shell. Off to get my hair done today. I need these grays to go away before I have a house full of teenage girls to totally make me feel old. Whatev....I'm pretty cool anyways!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lunch just got better

Remember when you were a kid and you had the cool lunch boxes. They were the awesome hard ones with the matching thermos. While those are totally awesome....that's not what I'm talking about here. I went to the Disney Store today to get my nephew another present (I'm crazy I know, he's only one) I found this little gem.
It has my effin name on it! It was meant to be. was on clearance for $3.99!!! They had a matching backpack but I knew I would never use it so I did the smart thing and walked away. I can't wait to bring my lunch to work in it tomorrow!

Dalton's 1st Birthday!!

OMG! My nephew is one today! Seems like just yesterday Mindy was blowing up my phone with pregnancy questions and then with newborn questions. Dalton is my first nephew and is truly special to my heart. It's crazy when you realize you love someone else's kid as much as you love your own. He is such a ham and such a character. He loves attention. I remember when Mindy and I decided to take Dalton and Blake to the mall (what were we thinking). Blake was only about a month or so old so Dalton was about 5 months old. We were sitting at the Clinique counter when some older ladies were standing around Blake talking about how little he was. And then Mindy and I looked over at Dalton and just laughed. He's sitting there, smiling....trying to get the ladies attention. It was classic. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Him and Blake are getting to the ages where they can start playing together's going to be so much fun.
Here are a few pictures I did for Mindy for his first birthday! I think they turned out pretty good. Birthday party pics to follow another day (they are on the home computer).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Here we are a week later.... I have to admit, after I did last weeks post I believe I got a coke and a candy bar out of the machine. Not one of my best ideas I know. But on Wednesday I weighed myself and I was down a little and that got me a little motivated. Beauty Sale shopper and I went to Subway and ate a healthy lunch. I have yet to get on the treadmill. I had tons of laundry to do after camping and then Alexys finally got all her clothes from her moms house so that added to the laundry. It's not like I've been sitting on my ass, I do stuff around the house (not that it always looks like it). I was going to walk around the block a few times yesterday. The weather was nice, but I saw the neighbor out and decided to talk to her instead. I need to get my head straight! Then Beauty Sale Shopper and I were going to go to Subway again today. I realized I forgot my coupon and somehow we ended up at Burger King. Ugh! After I ordered my whopper (omg, I just embarrassed myself) and was waiting for it I was checking out the menu. It hit me like a ton of bricks. DUH...MY ASS STILL COULD HAVE ORDERED A SALAD!!!!! I am my own worst enemy. But, I can't let this get me down. I refuse to buy new clothes and I don't exactly have a wide variety of stuff to wear now. So...time to buckle down. Trade in my coke for lunch for water or tea, my fries for side salad and my burger for a chicken sandwich. I can totally do this!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

He's a gentleman!

This honestly has to be one of my favorite pictures of Devon and I ever, and one of my favorite wedding ones as well. He offered to help me carry my dress. I love that little boy!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Will this day end?

I love this picture Alexys and Devon. Not sure why. It was taken almost 2 years ago at Devon's birthday party. I hope everyone has a good weekend. Once again, mine is packed. Tonight I have a jewelry party to go to. Tomorrow Devon has a birthday party for a friend, not sure if we will go or not. Then at 3 is my nephews 1st birthday party! Yay!!!! And Sunday, Alexys and I are getting with my mom to get a pattern and some material for her homecoming dress. I feel really drained. My mind would not turn off last night. A million things running through it. Not just in my own personal life, but things that were happening to friends and family this week as well. Oye! Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Goals are very important, especially in weight loss. You need something to motivate, to work for. I thought about this all last night and when I got to work I went and talked to Beauty Sale Shopper about it. I told her if, no...when, I lost 2 sizes....I would reward myself with a pair of Miss Me jeans. Are they not the cutest ever! I haven't spent alot of money on jeans since my bar days (rockies and cruel girls) so this is a big deal! On sale they are $85!!!! But if I can get down 2 sizes, I think I deserve just one pair. Then Negative Nancy, aka Beauty Sale Shopper, said "well, if I lose 2 sizes I'll still be fat". Negativity during weight loss is not an option if I'm going to be your partner in this. So, she said "Well save your size ## for me" omg....did she just set a goal so I said "your goal is to get in to my clothes!" We high fived and I was pleased to turn Negative Nancy's mood into something positive. Together we can do it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fat Tuesday

No, it's not Mardi Gras time again and we are not talking about some bar in Cozumel. My girl over at Beauty Sale Shopper started a post is the first day of her diet and I'm going to do the same. See, Beauty Sale Shopper and I work together so we can motivate each other! I too, will admit with her, my biggest problem is laziness. I know I need to get on the treadmill. I see the treadmill. I'll even say when I get home " I'm going to work out tonight", but that doesn't seem to happen. I will try to start back on that again.
So on Tuesdays.....we will have Fat Tuesday post and it will discuss whatever about the current or past weeks weight loss. It is my goal that my Christmas to be down AT LEAST one pant size, preferably 2. I think that is a very obtainable goal. It is only September. I'm not worried about "how much" I weight...just how the shit looks! I have friends who weigh under 110 and their tummy's look like chewed up meat...not the look I'm going for.
Before I got pregnant this last time, I was really losing weight and loving how I looked. You could see it in my face, my arms and most important, my belly and thigh area.
I know I can do it, I've done it before! So here is to a new month and a new goal! I love food so that will actually be harder than the working out part but I can do this!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's make a break for it!

I love this picture! It looks like they are like "hurry, let's get out of here". I know just the feeling. Tomorrow we are going camping for a long weekend and I can't wait. Nothing like being away from it all. We are "roughing it" by no means. We have a camper, running water, ac, hell the kids even have cable tv. But, no phones, no computer....just chilling with family! I'm really looking forward to going this time because Blake can sit up now. It makes play time a little more enjoyable when he's not having to lay on his back (and make a bald spot back there). Besides that, I will also get to spend the weekend with my parents, my aunt and uncle and my cousins and my partner-in-crime, Lindsey. Hopefully I can get the last chance tan before summer is totally over. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Becoming your mother

I'm sure this happens to every woman (I hope) especially after you yourself have become a mother. Have you ever had that Oh My Effin Gawd....My mom does that moment and you ARE her?

I'm not saying this is something that I have realized over night. Let me explain. My mother raised me, so I expect to be like her in some ways. Obviously I look like her. I have some of her mannerism. The things that annoyed her when I was little bother me. This such as the smell of grape flavored anything, scraping your metal fork on your teeth or plate, smacking....the list goes on. As I became a mother I laughed at the things I always said I would NEVER do because my mom did and it annoyed me....and I find myself doing to my child. I have her sense of humor...which is good and bad. I stand up for myself like her. I'm a good mother and a good friend. There are several things.

But the other day it hit me like a smack in the face. I ordered my food at the drive thru, pulled up to the window to pay, got my food and then that's when it happened. I pulled up a little so the car behind me could pay and I get "situated". MY MOTHER DOES THAT. I literally did things she would do. I put my debit card where it goes, then the receipt. Then I put my straw in the cup and got my food ready and said "ok, I'm ready" and drove off. As soon as this happened...I started laughing and said "I am my mother"!

Surely I'm not the only one this has happened to. Please tell me your stories to make me feel better?