Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's happening again! I feel myself losing control...of everything. My desk at work looks like crap...papers every where. Just when i think there is light at the end of the tunnel, some one puts a stack of shit in my box or I have 30 invoices to print from my email. Ugh! Just once I would like to be totally on my A game at work. And if you take a day off (a scheduled day if that) you come back and have twice as much shit to do. Really, work is not a win win situation. Home life....that is another story.

  • I have tons of stuff of Blake's to put in the attic
  • Blake has laundry to put up and clothes to go through and see if they fit
  • there is a stain on Blake's floor from when he got sick that doesn't seem like my hubby is going to get up so I need to do that as well
  • Devon needs more hangers for his clothes
  • I need to go through Devon's toys, box up books for Blake from his room as well.
  • my closet is still a force to be reckoned with...enough said
  • That pile of shit I keep on the kitchen counter....no matter how many times I remove it, the shit magically reappears.
  • my hubby....i really miss him! We never have time alone anymore and I feel him slipping away, I don't like that at all =(

I have a mission this evening...to tackle at least 3 of these items! I can do it! ugh.........

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  1. oh i feel ya!!! the only thing i am looking forward to next month when korey is gone is being bored out of my mind and getting lots done around the house!! you can get somethings accomplished!! i know you can do it. good luck!! love ya