Friday, September 24, 2010

Exciting Weekend

Can't wait for the weekend to start! Tonight....I'm making my first every from scratch cake! I'm nervous. But, my dear friend, Sabrena, promised to walk me through it and even hold my hand. I promise to post pics of this....always a good time with Sabrena around. See this girl.....she has homecoming tomorrow. While it is not HER first's the fire homecoming I get to do with her. I am excited and honor to do so. We had my mom make her dress. It is totally cute and totally her. She's getting her nails done right now and she said the match perfect.....this to will be posted with pics I'm sure. Saturday night....girl time! That's right we are having a slumber party. Nothing better than a couple of 30 something ladies sitting around in jammies with several bottles of wine. I am really looking forward to that. Relaxation! Another mission this weekend....get Blake at least in the start of doing the army crawl or rolling to get where he needs to go or something. He's cute as a button but he needs to start getting the move on it. Hope everyone has a good weekend...what do you have planned?

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