Thursday, September 23, 2010

8 months

Look at you! 8 months old. Alexys' school has spirit week this week for homecoming and yesterday was overall you joined in. Adorable. Last Thursday you said dada for the first time. Daddy and I were both sweet. You are sitting up much more on your own. Recently, you have started playing much more in the bath tub. You eat like it is going out of style. I had daycare start giving you a little table food as well. You ate the whole plate yesterday! You recognize the important people in your life and respond to your name. You are a very happy baby and for the most part unbelievably quiet. You started giving kisses....mostly to Daddy, not sure about that. And, when you are sleepy you LOVE to snuggle with a comfy, soft blanket. Few more months and you will be 1 year old and your momma will cry, go figure. Love ya,

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