Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rays of Sunshine

Do you ever sit back and think "my life is pretty great"? Everyone should do that on occasion. Everyone has bad days or random problems but in the "big picture" it really that bad. Beauty Sale Shopper had a post today that made me stop and think about just that. I have a job, which these days everyone should be thankful if they have one. I'm not going to lie, I bitch about my job alot, but's an easy job for me (I just work with a bunch of stupid people, Beauty Sale Shopper can agree). I have a wonderful husband that loves me despite my flaws and quirks that sometimes drive him crazy. He's there for me when I need him. He provides the roof over my head, the electricity to live and the comfort and love to get me from day to day. I have amazing kids! Truly....I don't even think they realize it sometimes.
  • Alexys-my one and only daughter. My teenager that brings on the gray hair and tons of stress but I wouldn't change a moment of it because that's what I always wanted. I've wished for years for her to live with us and now I thank God to have her in our home. Everyday is a learning experience, some good, some bad but I take them all because it just makes our family grow and become that much closer. She reminds me that I am so much more to her than just a "mom". At the same time....what an honor that when she talks to friends and says "my mom" she is totally talking about me! That is a gift you have to earn...for that, I thank her.
  • Devon-my first born. My wonderful 9 year-old that still loves to snuggle with his mommy at the end of the day. That is growing up before my eyes at lightning pace. He loves to do things on his own but still likes to know that we are there for him when he needs us. His love of reading and school delights me to no end. His unbelievable ability to be the best big brother I've ever seen (to think I was actually worried about this). Who use to get so sad when his sister had to go home to her mom and was so happy when he found out she would be with us all the time. Who is such a gentleman and holds the doors open for ladies. Who every day makes a point to randomly tell his family, individually, that he loves them!
  • Blake-my baby. Who warms my heart when he smiles when I get him out of bed every morning. Who loves to snuggle when he's sleepy. Who loves to see his brother and sister, and lights up when Daddy come home from work. Who is a wonderfully happy baby that hardly ever cries. Who lights up the room when he smiles. Who every thinks he should totally be the next Gerber baby or Gap baby. Who completed our family and made us a party of 5!

I have a wonderful mom that will talk to me about anything and support me in all I do.

I am lucky enough to have a handful of close friends to go to all the time. Some people find them selves lucky to have 1...but I have several.

So to everyone, take a little time and count your blessings. Some one is always worse off than yourself so be grateful for what you have.