Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh no!

I guess it was bound to happen one of these days. I lost a follower!!! Either my lack of posts lately was pissing her off, she hated hearing about my family crap or....my blog in general just sucks that bad!!!! Well....sorry but that's not gonna stop me. I don't care (yes i do) if all of you stop following me, I'm still going to blog about what ever random shit pops into my head that day. AND....if I can't think of anything...then yes you usually just get stuck with a random picture of someone in my family because I love them and this is my blog and I can do whatever I want and not have to answer to anyone...this is my happy place!

Sorry, just a little rant. Clearly she just accidentally removed me and is now desperately searching for my blog.

I've been lacking in posting because for once, I've been busy at work. I just don't "get into" blogging much at home because either I'll eventually have to tend to a kiddo, my hubby is doing something to try and bug me or it's just to damn late. I will try to make September a better month.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's as Easy as That

Yay!!! Blake can sit. One day last week after we got home from work and school, I was thinking, Blake's never going to learn to sit if I don't work with him more. So, I sat down on the floor with him, put him in tripod position and BAM! The boy was sitting up! And that's all it took. I calmly called to Alexys, in the other room, she came in and was excited. Then we called Devon, a 9 year old, who came in and said "that is so cool", (honestly Devon is the sweetest big brother around). I took a pic on my cell phone and sent it out to the family. I couldn't wait for Robert to get home so he could see with his own eyes Blake's new milestone.
Now, when I drop Blake off at daycare. I sit him up on the floor with toys and he thinks it is totally cool. He can play on the floor with the other kids now.
Next mission, crawling...or at this point, even rolling to get from point A to point B would be good!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pay It Forward

In the past 2 weeks I got a few more followers...people that I don't actually know! To me....that is super exciting! These also happen to be people that I follow their blogs as well. I thought I would share my new found followers with everyone to kind of "pay it forward" ...everyone should read their blogs as well!
First up...my all time favorite is Jamie over at Daydream Believer. She was the first blog I ever followed. I found her when she became a blog of note and was instantly hooked. I love her recaps of reality tv! I must say, the post I love the most (which she might think is weird) is when she blogged about starting her period on her honeymoon here. Let's face it...it has happened to us all!
Next up is With Eyes Wide Open. This jem is special to me. This is a woman who writes about the highs and lows of being a step-mom. For those of you that are not a step-parent....let me tell you! It is the hardest job I've ever had and usually with very little reward (I lucked out...I got a big reward, but that's another post). It's nice to know that there are other "step-monsters" out there that feel the way I do. Kuddos to you!
Third there is AM's World. I just started following her and so far....I like what I read!.
I have two more, I don't follow their blog (I haven't had a chance to check it out yet) but still believe they deserve a shout out because they read mine. They are Tsionah N over at Bitter/Sweet and someone knows simply as "T." and they do not have a link to their blog.
So I'm super stoked to have people that don't know me care about what I have to say....maybe you will like what they have to say!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It will be ok

I have a list of very happy uplifting posts in my head just waiting to be typed out for your reading enjoyment. But, today I logged in and read Beauty Sale Shopper 's latest blog....here, and it made me a little sad. I believe that everything makes you who you are today...and unfortunately that means tragedy too. We have all had them though we seldom talk about that. They change the way we think, act and sometimes even view the world. It could change things in a good way or a negative way. The same tragedy can effect two people two completely different ways. My point, it is how you choose to deal with a tragedy that makes you who you are. I'm not trying to say that you can make a positive out of everything, I know sometimes that just isn't possible. But it doesn't have to end your world. You can grieve (and this is a VERY important process), and then go from there. No one will ever ask you to forget, but to remember, memorialize...to honor! I get tears in my eyes...I haven't lost many people in my life but the few I have...have been precious beyond words. Loss is a part of life, it helps you appreciate what you have while God lets you.

The second part of Beauty Sale Shopper's post is about if we are truly happy, could be more happy or love more. You are in control of your own destiny. If you are not happy, do something to change that. Go out, do new adventures, make new friends....live a little! I use to just go to work and stay home with the hubby and kids every weekend....and I was happy. But now I have something going on with either family or friends every weekend. Even though sometimes I want to pull my hair out because we are so busy...I'm happier. It is nice to know that family and friends like to see me and my family so much.

Even though this post started out kind of sad....there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day

Today was the first day of school for my kids. Alexys went back to public school after being home schooled for a year. I'll let her tell the story of her first day here. She tells it better. Devon started 4th grade! I still remember his first day of daycare (6 months old), pre-K graduation, Kindergarten and all the grades leading up to now. But still, where has the time gone. Literally I blinked and he is this young man I see before me. I woke up early and made the kids blueberry cheesecake muffins because...let's face it, I rock!! He ate his 3 muffins and then layed back in bed and watched a little t.v. After about 20 min. he got dressed. While I was getting Blake dressed I called in to him "Do you want me to drop you off up front or walk you to your class?" Clearly, this was a test. Also, I needed to know now if I was going to be heart broken and cry. That's how I roll! He responds with "I don't know, what ever you want mom." Really? ok? So as we get in the car and are pulling out of the drive way Devon says, "If it is ok with you, can you just drop me off up front?" And I sadly say "Ok, sounds good! you are getting so big." So I drive up to the front of the school to drop him off, I've done this a million times. I let him out, and says bye....and my eyes well up. I drive off so he doesn't see me. I want him to know that he is a big boy, but he will always be my baby. But I did good! No tears fell...progress!

After work I go and pick up the boys at daycare. Devon tells me all about his day. He has 3 teachers, he has a lot of old friends in his class and it's going to be a fun year.

I hope he still thinks it is fun thru his senior year lol.

7 Months!

I can't believe my baby boy turned 7 months old yesterday! Time truly flies when you have kids. We spent the day chillin'. So much has changed since your half birthday! Your biggest milestone....you can sit up now! Now you can sit with the babies at school and play with them....also, your hair will grow back all the way in back. You are eating stage 2 foods which means everything smells and tastes so much better. We are still working on the crawling thing but haven't gotten very far. When you are in your walker now you do go backwards, at least you can get around. You reach for Daddy and I which totally melts our hearts. You get excited when you see your brother and you love the way your sister's hair tickles your face. You are pretty much a happy baby. We can't complain to much. I've had some sleepless nights...but looking at your beautiful blue eyes makes it all worth it, sleep is over rated anyways. Can't wait to see what the next month holds!

Friday, August 20, 2010

And the Winner is.....

Lauren! I know I'm over a week late but I've been very busy! I knew the final two would be Kent and Lauren. Let's face it....good drama...down to America's "couple". I would have been happy either way. They are both really good dancers (by Kent was my fav). So Lauren won $250,000.00 and her pic on Gatorade bottle and the title America's Favorite Dancer! And let's face it, regardless of weather or not you win, SYTYCD is a great spring board for up and coming dancers! Look at all the former SYTYCD dancers that were in Step Up 3D!
The opening number was great! I love that they even squeezed Alex in there. Alex, you arm work was fantastic!! Not totally sure what the picture copied so small. This is last years winner Russell and Lil C' krumping. Loved it!
Special guest: Ellen! It was leaked on twitter earlier in the day and I totally figured out what dance she was going to do! I have to say she TOTALLY impressed me. I am a fan of her talk shoe and she "dances" daily on it. Really she just walks around and sways to the music. But she totally nailed it! Hard to believe she is over 50 and still layin down the beats....with Twitch no less!!!!
Season 7 was my favorite by far. The quality of dancers was totally amazing and there for...the dancing was even more amazing! Can't wait till next year.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

He still needs me

I remember the first day of 3rd grade for Devon, last year. We walked into the school to go to his classroom, like we had every year, and when I reached for his hand he pulled away and said "you don't have to walk me, you can go to work". My heart literally broke, I swear I heard it. Do they seriously grow up THAT fast? I held back the tears (which for me, is hard in its self) and smiled and said "let me just walk you to the door and I'll leave". And I did just that. I walked him to the door...I could tell he didn't want to be embarrassed by a kiss and just told him "Have a good day! I'll see you tonight". And I turned and walked off.....trying my hardest to at least hold in the tears until I got out of the school, preferably to my car. And I sat there and cried, because my little boy had grown up. Fast forward to today. Today was meet the teacher night for Devon. We were going to meet his 4th grade teachers. We walked into the school, no big deal....Devon has gone there for a few years now. Alot of the teachers and staff know him by name and asked how his summer was.... and then he did it! He reached for my hand! Me being the emotional person I am totally wanted to tear up, but that would be so uncool and me, being the awesome mom I am, acted like it was no big deal. I just took his hand and kept walking, as simple as taking a breath. We went and met all his teachers and did the regular meet and greet things you do. On this day I realized, no matter how big he might sometimes get....sometimes he still wants his mom. And I'm totally ok with that!

Thursday Predictions

Thursday Predictions use to be for me to recap Wednesday night performances of So You Think You Can Dance and predict who would be in the bottom 3 and ultimately who would be going home that week. Since the show is over (I still need to blog about the winner, I know) I thought I would continue with Thursday Predictions and relate them to my life and/or the world around me. Not sure if this will be a weekly post still or just a monthly. School starts next Monday so I can make a prediction of the first week of school:
  • Devon will love it! He misses his school friends that do not go to daycare and loves learning in general. As he gets older his love for school grows, I am happy but I know this will change once he gets in high school.
  • Alexys will hate it! She was home schooled last year so it is her first year back in a school environment. In addition, she has changed school districts (she moved in with us) and doesn't have a lot of friends...yet! She holds her own destiny when it comes to being a "social butterfly"...we will see how she works it!
  • Blake....nothing will change for him. He has learned to sit up so might be able to interact with other babies more. This should be fun and interesting.

I predict the anxiety of being an over-protective mom to be high on Monday. I want both of them to enjoy the first day of school. I know Devon will be fine....and I'm sure Alexys will work out the kinks...just might take a few days.

I predict that our family as a whole will get in the "school routine" and life will go back to normal. For most of us that is nothing out of the ordinary, but for Alexys it might be a change (another post in itself). Family has always been important to me and my kids are everything! I reward good behavior, grades and being an all around awesome kid. I also have expectations...that I feel are reasonable. This year will be full of learning experiences for everyone in our household but I'm always up for the challenge. Here's to a happy first day!

No biggie....really!

I know it has been awhile since I've blogged and that is SO unlike me. I was busy this past weekend with my sister's wedding (but that's another post in itself). This is my 50th post! I wanted to be something awesome and interesting....but I've got nothing. I have a few blog topics in the works but I didn't want my 50th to not go unnoticed. So I've decided to look back at one of my previous posts, Get it Together , and see where I am now with a few of these things. Keep in mind, it's only been a month in a half.
  • Planning skills....well, I meant well! I bought a planner, filled it out, stuck it in my purse...and it has not seen the light of day since! Honestly, if it wasn't for my calender at work that I write everything on (work and personal) I don't think I would know which end was up anymore.
  • Organizing! This hasn't gotten to far. Alexys now lives with us and by the grace of God has been helping me with house work. I still have yet to clean my closet...but I have good intentions (does that count).
  • Devon's room....still undecorated! On the upside, I have gone through his closet and gotten rid of unnecessary clutter.
  • Blake's room...go me, I did get my mother to hang up those two pictures. But I also have a new basket of laundry to be done. Also, I know have a nice throw up stain on the floor that I've been waiting for my wonderful hubby to clean up.
  • My room..nothing has been done! Go figure, I always take care of myself last. Sad thing is, the picture frames, I just need to print the damn pictures!
  • Photography! I have at least worked on this. I did a mommy and me shoot for my sister-in-law and nephew. It was crazy hot and I had Blake so it was far from my best work. We have planned a second session soon!
  • Being an awesome mom! I think I work on this from a day to day basis...but surely I'm pretty cool because my darling step-daughter loves me like her own! Being away from my kids this past weekend really made me think about them (more than often). Alexys went with us for the rehearsal dinner and I introduced her as my daughter all night. I loved it...but my heart did break a little when people called me out and I had to admit that she was my step. God brought her to me for a reason so no matter how it happened...she's still my daughter too. This was the first weekend I was away from Blake so long and I loved that Alexys sent me pics of him! Both the boys are growing up so fast! I knew Devon was enjoying his weekend with PawPaw!
  • Being a loving "perfect" wife....a work in progress! Luckily for me, my husband knows how much I love him because I've been slacking. He knows me so well....during my sister's wedding since I was in it, he took pics when he could! Kudos to you for being the loving "perfect" husband...you rock!

That's an update in a nutshell. Life is crazy but it is what it is. Like I said, I have several other things in the works so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursdays Predictions

Top 3! I can't believe this is the last week. I think the best dancers are definitely in the finale. They each had to do 4 dances plus a solo! Tough work, but they were up for the challenge. First up, Kent and Allstar Lauren do a Bollywood number. I don't really care for Bollywood, but it was good that Kent got to do his faces and not worry about Mia saying anything. They also thru a little hip-hop in there which I found interesting. It was fun to watch, great opening number.
Next up, Lauren and Twitch dance a Hip-Hop. I liked it, thought it was really fun. A little to much work at the podiums for my liking...think there could have been a little more dance. This was still a good first routine for Lauren.
Robert and Mark do a Jazz number. They are so much alike it is sick! They even look alike. I thought the number was good. They both gave it their all and a good first number for Robert. I feel it is hard to keep up with Mark and Robert totally nailed it.
Robert and Lauren do a Contemporary. Great work! This piece showed both of their strengths. Mia is all about Lauren being a strong woman and this piece showcased that as well. Very solid and fluid (as Mia would say).
Kent and Lauren do a Jazz piece. I believe the two danced well with what they were given. I don't feel Mandy Moore challenged them enough. It was a good Week 2 dance, not the finale, Nigel agrees.
Kent and Allison do a Contemporary piece. Seems that no matter what dance Allison does...the whole piece rocks! This, to me, is one of Kent's best dances. He was totally in the moment. Apparently this struck a very personal place for Kent and it totally showed and made the piece that much more intense. Adam and Mia were in awe of this. Adam said Kent just be came an artist! Love it!
Robert and Kathryn do a Broadway. I think this was danced well and was very fun to watch but it seemed really short. Like as soon as they started dancing..it was over. Robert did great and so did Kathryn.
Lauren and Pasha do a Cha Cha! Sizzle!!! This is one of the sexiest routines she has done all season. She nailed it! The footwork was amazing, eye contact (both with Pasha and the audience) was dead on, and the lifts totally rocked! Loved this routine. Mia gave Lauren one of the best compliments a dancer could hear. Mia said if she was still a dancer...she would want to be just like Lauren! Wow!
Robert and Kent do a Malevos Fight. This was a first for SYTYCD, and I think maybe it should be the last. I didn't care for this dance much. I felt it was awkward. It was danced well...but when they were partnering and doing footwork...weird.
Let me make a brief comment first of all about Mia's hair. WTF? It was pretty (for the most part) on the top and one side, but the other looked like total bed head. SYTYCD won an Emmy for make up and hair...clearly not for the looks of Mia.
Cat did an interview with each of the top 3 and showed it before their solos. Each one was asked what their favorite dance was and both Lauren and Kent said their dance they did together...where they kissed! How sweet! I totally think they are dating, just sayin. Robert loved the piece he did with Allison about the mother. Robert is so grateful for everything his mother has done for him, what a sweetie!
This year, I honestly have no idea who is going to win. They each are amazing for their own reasons. I will be happy no matter who wins because I know that for all 3 of them their journey is far from over.
Can't wait to see who the surprise guest is going to be. Twitter says that Ellen is going to be dancing with Twitch. We will see. That would be amazing and Ellen does love to dance. But have you seen her show, she really only has one move but she totally rocks it and has fun. Tonight will be amazing. We will see some of this seasons favorites and see who is America's favorite dancer.
no idea what I'm going to blog about for two days once the show is over

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It happens for a Reason

I have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. With that being said, people come into our lives for a reason too (and out for that matter).

Just as someone very close to me was slipping away a few years ago, someone came and took her place. She wasn't the same person, didn't have the same views or even act the same. But she was someone who would be my new BFF, my partner in crime if you will (now I totally know that you know who I'm talking about). It nice to hang out with someone and not have to say a word. It is even better to have someone that will act like a COMPLETE idiot with you and it is ok. It helped me become myself, who I always knew I was but didn't know how everyone else would take it. I suddenly realized its ok to be a crazy, silly and loving person. I've always been a little outspoken, but not always in a good way. I believe now, that everyone in my life knows just what they mean to me because I tell them, often. But I've also changed her. She was once the girl who hid her feelings and showed very little emotion and now I can get her to cry like it's no big deal...I'm talented I know!

Another person came into my life as well. Some think the friendship is strange, but honestly I've never looked at it that way. We have some of the same views on parenting (which is refreshing because I'm often told I'm strict), friendships and relationships in general. Our kids get along and I enjoy her kids and I think she likes mine as well. If I'm ever down or unsure of myself as a person, wife or mom she knows just the right things to always say to me, without me even asking for a pick me up. Always ready with emergency wine or cup cakes with a moments notice. Everyone needs a girl like her in their life..she's AWESOME.

There is also that girl that is there for you as much as you are for her. She is scared about the choices she has made and unsure about what to do with them but feels it is ok to talk to me about it. We have been thru alot, didn't even talk for awhile. But once again, everything happens for a reason. She means alot to me and we share tons together. She's family (really)!

There are also reasons why people leave. We use to share our weekends and summers with our neighbors. Our girls were best friends. We always enjoyed each others company and one of them even stood up in our wedding. But some where along the way I guess we all changed. I questioned their parenting skills and behavior as people. It wasn't me. My kids have always come first. I'm 31! I can't party like a rock star anymore, at least not in front of them. We parted ways, not nicely of coarse, but I don't mind.

Other people are random in relationships. You consider them a "close" friend but you talk to them about certain things. I have a work bff and I love her, but we don't talk much out of work (not totally sure why). I have people I talk to about my grandma because they to have felt a loss like I have, about marriage, about motherhood...a friend for anything really.

So even though sometimes I freak out and wonder if I'm someones best-friend because I'm lucky enough to have three...it doesn't really matter. Why label what makes you happy? A friend is a friend right? I cherish everything and everyone that has come into my life. Everything is a learning experience and only makes you a stronger person.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Alexys!

Today you turn 17! Wow, how the time has flown. I remember just over 10 years ago when you came into my life. My first taste of motherhood. You have grown to become a beautiful young lady. I hope you always try and keep a positive outlook on life no matter how crazy the world gets. We have our "party of 5" back and we will work on having a "normal" life for you as much as possible. Make the most of your life, it's the only one you have. Remember that Daddy and I are there for you, for anything, no matter what. You will always have a special place in my heart. You are my girl, my chance at having a daughter and I cherish you. Life will always throw you curve balls, it's how you deal with them that makes the difference.
Here is to being 17! Enjoy your day and don't let ANYONE ruin it for you...you know they will try and you just can't let them win. Love you!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Results......8/5

Time to say farewell to our dear friend Adechike. Looks like my prediction was correct. I still think he is a beautiful dancer and his journey in life is not over, just on SYTYCD. I love how Robert and Kent always look so surprised when they are saved...like really, you didn't have the littlest idea that you had this in the bag? I think Lauren was a given. She is an excellent dancer and the last girl.
Can't wait till the finale'! It is going to be great! We get to see some of this seasons favorite dances. Quest is going to perform on Thursday and......we find out America's favorite dancer!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Predictions

So here is the top 4! For the opening number they did a group routine which I loved!
Lauren and Pasha danced a tango. I felt it was very slow. The judges seemed to love it and felt like it was very sexy. We found out that Mia is a voyeur...didn't need to know that. There were a few spots that were out of sync but over all well danced.
Adechike and Lauren do an African jazz with a Caribbean twist. It was fun! Adechike did seem a little tight (and every judge commented on that). Seemed like he was always keeping his head up. Like he needed to be looking at the audience or Lauren and not just getting lost in the music.
Robert and Anya do a Viennese waltz. Normally I hate this dance...but I loved it this time. It was so sweet and loving. Robert totally worked it and sold this piece. Mia said he's a prince.
Kent and Courtney have a Disco routine. Disco is never good, always hard and Kent truly showed his age. One of his worse dances in my opinion. He made it thru it, don't get me wrong. But the choreographer changed the routine to suit him. Normally there are alot of lifts...he only had 2!
I know this is the smallest pic in the world but i had a hard time putting it on here. This is Lauren and Ada doing a jazz. Excellent! Very sexy. Lauren played a powerful woman...Mia likes this (go figure).
Adechike and Kathryn do a contemporary piece. It was very fast! All the judges commented that Adechike seemed a little out of steam at the end. I thought it was good.
They showed little videos where the top 4 were prior to SYTYCD. I didn't really mention any others cause they were no big deal...and really Adechike's video was no biggie either. But after the video when they came back live he was crying! That's right, I'm a softy and my tears ran too. He talked like he felt it was him going home tomorrow and said no matter what he is truly blessed for the experience he has been given. I heart him.
Robert and Dominic do Hip-Hop. I was a little worried that Robert was not going to be able to pull this off...but...HE OUT DANCED DOM! He totally nailed it! Loved it so much!
Kent and Neil do a Travis Wall Contemporary piece. Without even seeing it, I knew this would be amazing! Travis did not disappoint! Everything about this piece was excellent. He totally made up for his disco. Now, for my predictions. I don't know if they are doing a bottom 3 tomorrow, bottom 2 or just "you had the crapiest votes, peace out".
Lauren is the only girl and I feel she will totally be in the finale. I feel Kent should also, not sure why...I like him. As far as all around dancing ability...I think Robert has it in the bag. That leaves me Adechike going home right? But I don't know. I've predicted him to be in the bottom 3 for weeks now and he doesn't end up there. It truly is a toss up this week because America truly decides, the judges get no say so what so ever. So who does America love? The sole girl survivor? The small town boy with a great smile? The guy that can dance it all? Or the guy with a story...a sad one, of a dancer trying to make it in a rough town? I can totally see why each one of them would be voted for. Personally, (I actually hate to choose now) I think it might be Adechike. We will see!
Step it up 3D Friday!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Make up your Minds

I wish people could make up their minds! For the last week and a half or so it has rained....everyday. Like not just sprinkled, but like heavy down pour, watch for flooded streets, rain. All people could say was "I can't wait till the rain stops. I am so over this". Last Friday was the last day of rain. Saturday and Sunday we had 100 degree temps! I know, one extreme to the other but that is Houston weather. Yesterday and today have been in the upper 90s. On the way home yesterday I heard the radio dj complain about that weather and say "where is the rain"? What? Aren't you the same dumb ass who was just bitching last week because you were going to have to swim home in the rain? There is no such thing as "perfect" weather in Houston, especially in August! Either deal with the rain or deal with the desert temps....just make up your mind!
Thank you for my little vent =)

A Difference 9 years makes....

Not much actually! My first born, Devon is the baby on the left, July 2001. My second born, Blake on the right, July 2010. They look like the same baby!!! Blake is a little chubbier, but he weighed 2 pounds more at birth. Blake also has a fuzzy hair. But all in all...same kid! The smile, the nose, even their pretty blue eyes...the same. I love my boys!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Missing her

Those are my kids pictures on my Grandma's headstone. I got the text with this picture while I was taking a nap at work and my eyes filled with tears. I've always believed that everything happens for a reason but sometimes I feel I was robbed of my grandma to soon. I was the oldest grandchild yet she never got the chance to witness me getting married or meet my beautiful children. I know she is in Heaven and watches over us with love. I feel her presence just when I need her most. I was with her when she passed, holding her hand. I think one of the hardest things is her grave site is in Michigan and I'm hear in Texas. It would be nice to visit her... I know it is silly, she's not really there, but it would make all the difference in the world. I know she is proud of me with all I've done in my life...she was just that kind of lady. I still celebrate her birth...and her death. I love you very much Grandma. The kind of person you were...makes me the person I am today! Keep your eye on me and watch over my babies!