Thursday, August 19, 2010

He still needs me

I remember the first day of 3rd grade for Devon, last year. We walked into the school to go to his classroom, like we had every year, and when I reached for his hand he pulled away and said "you don't have to walk me, you can go to work". My heart literally broke, I swear I heard it. Do they seriously grow up THAT fast? I held back the tears (which for me, is hard in its self) and smiled and said "let me just walk you to the door and I'll leave". And I did just that. I walked him to the door...I could tell he didn't want to be embarrassed by a kiss and just told him "Have a good day! I'll see you tonight". And I turned and walked off.....trying my hardest to at least hold in the tears until I got out of the school, preferably to my car. And I sat there and cried, because my little boy had grown up. Fast forward to today. Today was meet the teacher night for Devon. We were going to meet his 4th grade teachers. We walked into the school, no big deal....Devon has gone there for a few years now. Alot of the teachers and staff know him by name and asked how his summer was.... and then he did it! He reached for my hand! Me being the emotional person I am totally wanted to tear up, but that would be so uncool and me, being the awesome mom I am, acted like it was no big deal. I just took his hand and kept walking, as simple as taking a breath. We went and met all his teachers and did the regular meet and greet things you do. On this day I realized, no matter how big he might sometimes get....sometimes he still wants his mom. And I'm totally ok with that!

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  1. He will always need you no matter his age. It's gjust that he will let you know when that is. That is the tough part as a mom when they don't need you all the time.