Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Predictions

So here is the top 4! For the opening number they did a group routine which I loved!
Lauren and Pasha danced a tango. I felt it was very slow. The judges seemed to love it and felt like it was very sexy. We found out that Mia is a voyeur...didn't need to know that. There were a few spots that were out of sync but over all well danced.
Adechike and Lauren do an African jazz with a Caribbean twist. It was fun! Adechike did seem a little tight (and every judge commented on that). Seemed like he was always keeping his head up. Like he needed to be looking at the audience or Lauren and not just getting lost in the music.
Robert and Anya do a Viennese waltz. Normally I hate this dance...but I loved it this time. It was so sweet and loving. Robert totally worked it and sold this piece. Mia said he's a prince.
Kent and Courtney have a Disco routine. Disco is never good, always hard and Kent truly showed his age. One of his worse dances in my opinion. He made it thru it, don't get me wrong. But the choreographer changed the routine to suit him. Normally there are alot of lifts...he only had 2!
I know this is the smallest pic in the world but i had a hard time putting it on here. This is Lauren and Ada doing a jazz. Excellent! Very sexy. Lauren played a powerful woman...Mia likes this (go figure).
Adechike and Kathryn do a contemporary piece. It was very fast! All the judges commented that Adechike seemed a little out of steam at the end. I thought it was good.
They showed little videos where the top 4 were prior to SYTYCD. I didn't really mention any others cause they were no big deal...and really Adechike's video was no biggie either. But after the video when they came back live he was crying! That's right, I'm a softy and my tears ran too. He talked like he felt it was him going home tomorrow and said no matter what he is truly blessed for the experience he has been given. I heart him.
Robert and Dominic do Hip-Hop. I was a little worried that Robert was not going to be able to pull this off...but...HE OUT DANCED DOM! He totally nailed it! Loved it so much!
Kent and Neil do a Travis Wall Contemporary piece. Without even seeing it, I knew this would be amazing! Travis did not disappoint! Everything about this piece was excellent. He totally made up for his disco. Now, for my predictions. I don't know if they are doing a bottom 3 tomorrow, bottom 2 or just "you had the crapiest votes, peace out".
Lauren is the only girl and I feel she will totally be in the finale. I feel Kent should also, not sure why...I like him. As far as all around dancing ability...I think Robert has it in the bag. That leaves me Adechike going home right? But I don't know. I've predicted him to be in the bottom 3 for weeks now and he doesn't end up there. It truly is a toss up this week because America truly decides, the judges get no say so what so ever. So who does America love? The sole girl survivor? The small town boy with a great smile? The guy that can dance it all? Or the guy with a story...a sad one, of a dancer trying to make it in a rough town? I can totally see why each one of them would be voted for. Personally, (I actually hate to choose now) I think it might be Adechike. We will see!
Step it up 3D Friday!!!!!!

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