Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursdays Predictions

Top 3! I can't believe this is the last week. I think the best dancers are definitely in the finale. They each had to do 4 dances plus a solo! Tough work, but they were up for the challenge. First up, Kent and Allstar Lauren do a Bollywood number. I don't really care for Bollywood, but it was good that Kent got to do his faces and not worry about Mia saying anything. They also thru a little hip-hop in there which I found interesting. It was fun to watch, great opening number.
Next up, Lauren and Twitch dance a Hip-Hop. I liked it, thought it was really fun. A little to much work at the podiums for my liking...think there could have been a little more dance. This was still a good first routine for Lauren.
Robert and Mark do a Jazz number. They are so much alike it is sick! They even look alike. I thought the number was good. They both gave it their all and a good first number for Robert. I feel it is hard to keep up with Mark and Robert totally nailed it.
Robert and Lauren do a Contemporary. Great work! This piece showed both of their strengths. Mia is all about Lauren being a strong woman and this piece showcased that as well. Very solid and fluid (as Mia would say).
Kent and Lauren do a Jazz piece. I believe the two danced well with what they were given. I don't feel Mandy Moore challenged them enough. It was a good Week 2 dance, not the finale, Nigel agrees.
Kent and Allison do a Contemporary piece. Seems that no matter what dance Allison does...the whole piece rocks! This, to me, is one of Kent's best dances. He was totally in the moment. Apparently this struck a very personal place for Kent and it totally showed and made the piece that much more intense. Adam and Mia were in awe of this. Adam said Kent just be came an artist! Love it!
Robert and Kathryn do a Broadway. I think this was danced well and was very fun to watch but it seemed really short. Like as soon as they started was over. Robert did great and so did Kathryn.
Lauren and Pasha do a Cha Cha! Sizzle!!! This is one of the sexiest routines she has done all season. She nailed it! The footwork was amazing, eye contact (both with Pasha and the audience) was dead on, and the lifts totally rocked! Loved this routine. Mia gave Lauren one of the best compliments a dancer could hear. Mia said if she was still a dancer...she would want to be just like Lauren! Wow!
Robert and Kent do a Malevos Fight. This was a first for SYTYCD, and I think maybe it should be the last. I didn't care for this dance much. I felt it was awkward. It was danced well...but when they were partnering and doing footwork...weird.
Let me make a brief comment first of all about Mia's hair. WTF? It was pretty (for the most part) on the top and one side, but the other looked like total bed head. SYTYCD won an Emmy for make up and hair...clearly not for the looks of Mia.
Cat did an interview with each of the top 3 and showed it before their solos. Each one was asked what their favorite dance was and both Lauren and Kent said their dance they did together...where they kissed! How sweet! I totally think they are dating, just sayin. Robert loved the piece he did with Allison about the mother. Robert is so grateful for everything his mother has done for him, what a sweetie!
This year, I honestly have no idea who is going to win. They each are amazing for their own reasons. I will be happy no matter who wins because I know that for all 3 of them their journey is far from over.
Can't wait to see who the surprise guest is going to be. Twitter says that Ellen is going to be dancing with Twitch. We will see. That would be amazing and Ellen does love to dance. But have you seen her show, she really only has one move but she totally rocks it and has fun. Tonight will be amazing. We will see some of this seasons favorites and see who is America's favorite dancer.
no idea what I'm going to blog about for two days once the show is over

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