Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Predictions

Thursday Predictions use to be for me to recap Wednesday night performances of So You Think You Can Dance and predict who would be in the bottom 3 and ultimately who would be going home that week. Since the show is over (I still need to blog about the winner, I know) I thought I would continue with Thursday Predictions and relate them to my life and/or the world around me. Not sure if this will be a weekly post still or just a monthly. School starts next Monday so I can make a prediction of the first week of school:
  • Devon will love it! He misses his school friends that do not go to daycare and loves learning in general. As he gets older his love for school grows, I am happy but I know this will change once he gets in high school.
  • Alexys will hate it! She was home schooled last year so it is her first year back in a school environment. In addition, she has changed school districts (she moved in with us) and doesn't have a lot of friends...yet! She holds her own destiny when it comes to being a "social butterfly"...we will see how she works it!
  • Blake....nothing will change for him. He has learned to sit up so might be able to interact with other babies more. This should be fun and interesting.

I predict the anxiety of being an over-protective mom to be high on Monday. I want both of them to enjoy the first day of school. I know Devon will be fine....and I'm sure Alexys will work out the kinks...just might take a few days.

I predict that our family as a whole will get in the "school routine" and life will go back to normal. For most of us that is nothing out of the ordinary, but for Alexys it might be a change (another post in itself). Family has always been important to me and my kids are everything! I reward good behavior, grades and being an all around awesome kid. I also have expectations...that I feel are reasonable. This year will be full of learning experiences for everyone in our household but I'm always up for the challenge. Here's to a happy first day!

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