Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It happens for a Reason

I have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. With that being said, people come into our lives for a reason too (and out for that matter).

Just as someone very close to me was slipping away a few years ago, someone came and took her place. She wasn't the same person, didn't have the same views or even act the same. But she was someone who would be my new BFF, my partner in crime if you will (now I totally know that you know who I'm talking about). It nice to hang out with someone and not have to say a word. It is even better to have someone that will act like a COMPLETE idiot with you and it is ok. It helped me become myself, who I always knew I was but didn't know how everyone else would take it. I suddenly realized its ok to be a crazy, silly and loving person. I've always been a little outspoken, but not always in a good way. I believe now, that everyone in my life knows just what they mean to me because I tell them, often. But I've also changed her. She was once the girl who hid her feelings and showed very little emotion and now I can get her to cry like it's no big deal...I'm talented I know!

Another person came into my life as well. Some think the friendship is strange, but honestly I've never looked at it that way. We have some of the same views on parenting (which is refreshing because I'm often told I'm strict), friendships and relationships in general. Our kids get along and I enjoy her kids and I think she likes mine as well. If I'm ever down or unsure of myself as a person, wife or mom she knows just the right things to always say to me, without me even asking for a pick me up. Always ready with emergency wine or cup cakes with a moments notice. Everyone needs a girl like her in their life..she's AWESOME.

There is also that girl that is there for you as much as you are for her. She is scared about the choices she has made and unsure about what to do with them but feels it is ok to talk to me about it. We have been thru alot, didn't even talk for awhile. But once again, everything happens for a reason. She means alot to me and we share tons together. She's family (really)!

There are also reasons why people leave. We use to share our weekends and summers with our neighbors. Our girls were best friends. We always enjoyed each others company and one of them even stood up in our wedding. But some where along the way I guess we all changed. I questioned their parenting skills and behavior as people. It wasn't me. My kids have always come first. I'm 31! I can't party like a rock star anymore, at least not in front of them. We parted ways, not nicely of coarse, but I don't mind.

Other people are random in relationships. You consider them a "close" friend but you talk to them about certain things. I have a work bff and I love her, but we don't talk much out of work (not totally sure why). I have people I talk to about my grandma because they to have felt a loss like I have, about marriage, about motherhood...a friend for anything really.

So even though sometimes I freak out and wonder if I'm someones best-friend because I'm lucky enough to have doesn't really matter. Why label what makes you happy? A friend is a friend right? I cherish everything and everyone that has come into my life. Everything is a learning experience and only makes you a stronger person.

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  1. This reminds me of a friend I had in high school. We went years without talking then just randomly picked up where we left off. She is the only one in my life who knew the me I was as a kid, as well as the me I am now. Thanks for the reminder!