Friday, August 20, 2010

And the Winner is.....

Lauren! I know I'm over a week late but I've been very busy! I knew the final two would be Kent and Lauren. Let's face it....good drama...down to America's "couple". I would have been happy either way. They are both really good dancers (by Kent was my fav). So Lauren won $250,000.00 and her pic on Gatorade bottle and the title America's Favorite Dancer! And let's face it, regardless of weather or not you win, SYTYCD is a great spring board for up and coming dancers! Look at all the former SYTYCD dancers that were in Step Up 3D!
The opening number was great! I love that they even squeezed Alex in there. Alex, you arm work was fantastic!! Not totally sure what the picture copied so small. This is last years winner Russell and Lil C' krumping. Loved it!
Special guest: Ellen! It was leaked on twitter earlier in the day and I totally figured out what dance she was going to do! I have to say she TOTALLY impressed me. I am a fan of her talk shoe and she "dances" daily on it. Really she just walks around and sways to the music. But she totally nailed it! Hard to believe she is over 50 and still layin down the beats....with Twitch no less!!!!
Season 7 was my favorite by far. The quality of dancers was totally amazing and there for...the dancing was even more amazing! Can't wait till next year.

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