Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's as Easy as That

Yay!!! Blake can sit. One day last week after we got home from work and school, I was thinking, Blake's never going to learn to sit if I don't work with him more. So, I sat down on the floor with him, put him in tripod position and BAM! The boy was sitting up! And that's all it took. I calmly called to Alexys, in the other room, she came in and was excited. Then we called Devon, a 9 year old, who came in and said "that is so cool", (honestly Devon is the sweetest big brother around). I took a pic on my cell phone and sent it out to the family. I couldn't wait for Robert to get home so he could see with his own eyes Blake's new milestone.
Now, when I drop Blake off at daycare. I sit him up on the floor with toys and he thinks it is totally cool. He can play on the floor with the other kids now.
Next mission, crawling...or at this point, even rolling to get from point A to point B would be good!

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