Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Majic Chicken

So I made my 5 pound chicken in the majic pot tonight!!!! Let me start this by saying when cooking a whole chicken in meals past....Robert handles this not I. This is my first experience with a whole....raw...nasty chicken. I could have lived my life and never cleaned out the "goodies" inside a bird and been perfectly happy with my life, just saying! So, cleaned the bird up and plopped it in the pot. See, fits nicely. Like the chicken was grown to fit in the majic pot..... Because it would totally make to much sense to say they made the majic pot to fit a 5 pound chicken...but whatev. This wonderful dish only has 2 ingredients:
One tablespoon of olive oil and any seasoning you wish, that's it! Pretty simple huh?
I got my bird all lubed and seasoned and ready to go...that sounds aweful!
And popped that bad boy in the microwave for 30 minutes. Now, Betty Crocker I am not! While my wonderful dish was cooking in the microwave....I made instant potatos, frozen veggies and cresant rolls. Easy dinner but delicious.
And tada! The bird is done. Looks yummy I know! Super juicy. This pot works out wonderful because Robert HATES cooking chicken. He's always afraid he will under cook it just dries the hell out of it.
Dinner was super tasty. To top it off...Blake was sleeping and Devon was still gone with his sister! That's right....Robert and I got to eat dinner alone!! Not that it was romantic or anything...Robert turned on UFC... I guess if you like watching 2 guys beat the crap out of each other, blood flying, while you are eating dinner...then the romance lives on.
All in all....first dish with the majic pot was a total success! So happy I invested in one!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Majic Begins!!!

Lookie at the wonderful package that was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work today. Let the choirs sing "Hallelujah". It's like don't even know!
Yay! It wasn't on backorder that long at all. That was close!
See how pretty it looks on the stove? It was ment to be in my house...we are like kindred spirits! Let's see how many times I use it in the first month alone.
Already have my 5 pound chicken defrosting for tomorrow night! Chicken, mashed pototoes, corn on the cob...I'm even going to make biscuits on my new stone as well! Life is grand!

Birthday Wishes!!

Today is my baby sisters birthday! The years have flown by and I am amazed at the woman she has become.

Jamie has always been a soft spot in my heart....more than I think she knows. For starters...she's my only sibling! I'm territorial....she's all mine! We fought when we were little like many sisters biggie, part of growing up.

It wasn't until I graduated from high school that Jamie and I really became close. We would talk at least once a week. When she graduated from high school and went off to college we started talking like every day! Some how, the miles between us made us closer. I've always been the emotional one...Jamie the rock. So much so that when she does call me crying....I turn into mother hen. Who did this to you, where can I find them.....lord help them. lol.

Jamie Lou, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Your last one as an unmarried woman. I hope your knight in shining armour takes your out for a wonderful evening. I love you, and remember....I'll always have your back!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Target Experience today!

I am a firm believer that children should act right in public. If my kids want to show their ass and act it at home, or else.
After work I stopped at Target to get a few things. I was in the card section trying to find the perfect card for someone (this is a very important task to me which I do take seriously) and it started. There was a mother on the same aisle with her 3 kids. The mother is looking at the cards...clearly trying to find the perfect birthday card. The youngest girl, maybe 4 or 5 starts......"Momma, Momma, Mom, Momma......Mooooooom, Momma..." This goes on for at least 10...NO LIE! Mother never says anything or even looks her way. Then the middle boy, maybe 9 or so "Where's your phone mom? Give it to me know? I need it, give it to me now! I want to get this toy! What, why not? You act like it is a $100 or something...just buy me the toy mom". Then the pre-teen, talking in her most grown up voice of course "Mother, I found the cutest little stuffed animal I want. It would look so cute in my room. What? No? Fine! I'll just walk all the way back to the toys and put it back and then come all the way back and just stand here".
Keep in mind....all this happens with in 10 minutes. There are talking over each other most of the time. I'm trying to pick the PERFECT card for someone! I can't read with all this crap going on! I actually said OUTLOUD...and not quietly mind you "OH MY GOD! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!" And the mother still never told her kids to SHUT THE FCK UP! I would have had to leave and beat my children because there is no need to act like white trash in public. You wondering why your kids don't listen when you told them once to be quiet....because you let them act like that! I hope you were picking out the perfect "i'm sorry my kids are heathens" card for everyone you know. Should should buy that one in bulk....I feel as if you owe me one now!

My Boys

Finally! I got the cutest pictures of my boys together! Yesterday I took a photography class. Not that I'm instantly an awesome photographer or anything but I was pretty excited. After bathtime Devon asked if he could hold Blake so they sat in the rocker. I had to grab my camera. I don't have many pictures of them together at all. I messed with the different settings on my camera...just as the instructor had asked us to do. It will take me awhile to perfect anything I learned but until then....I have these gorgeous pictures of my boys. The center one is my favorite! Blake seems to have this thing that when the camera comes out he has this deer in the headlights look to him. This picture actually has a little smirk, personality! I couldn't be happier having my boys....I will admit, I was scared about having another one! Not really the thought of having more kids....knowing that I would have to share the love with yet another child....didn't know if I had it in me. Luckily I am a very loving momma and all three of my kids never have to worry about that. Each child means something different to me and I love them with all my life. I pledge to continue to take wonderful pictures of all my kids...even when they roll their eyes everytime I get out the camera. Alexys and Devon are use to it....and Blake is being brought up with my obsession so he should be ok.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Majic Pot on backorder?!?!

WTF! I have wanted this majical cooking creation since the first time I witnessed it baking a 5 pound chicken in the MICROWAVE in 30 minutes at Sabrena's Pampered Chef party.
So, last week at my pampered chef party I KNEW that I was going to order at least this majical number. I clearly needed this in my life. Being Betty Crocker doesn't come easy for this girl.
I closed out my party on Wenesday with my Pampered Chef consultant, Becki. She informed me the order would arrive in about a week. Ok, cool! Sounds great! On Friday I got an email saying the order would be delivered SATURDAY!!!!! I was stoked! You don't even know! I already had my meal all planned out for Sunday. I was going to make my amazing 5 pound microwave chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and some buscuits! Yummy! I even went to Kroger after work yesterday before I picked up the kids to get all the neccessities.
The Fed Ex guy arrives! Yay....pampered chef time! I get everyones orders together and realize........NO MAJIC POT!!! The damn thing is on backorder! Really? I for once in my life had a wonderful family dinner planned on Sunday and the Gods at Pampered Chef laughed at it. No idea when it will be in either. Crap! So now I have to figure out what to do with this 5 pound chicken...i want my pot. On the upside....I did get all the receipes that I could cook with my majic pot so when if finally decideds to grace me with its presence.....I will have tons of stuff to cook and totally get my money out of it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Results Show......

I am no longer fond of Thursday nights because it means that someone is going home on So You Think You Can Dance. This has been my all time favorite show since its beginning. This year, by far, has been the best year of talent. But, they decided to switch things up this year. They dance with all-starts this year, dancers from years past. I love the idea but I also think it is interesting to have them dance styles with partners that aren't necessarly experts in it as well. None the less....this is how it is this year. Also, only one person goes home every week. Past years one boy and one girl would go home...making it "fair" on if a boy or girl would win. This year started out with the boys in the lead because they picked top 6 boys and top 5 girls. What...they couldn't find ONE more girl to add. Two result shows have passed and two girls have gone home......the odds are not good.

The point of this post is that I am very unhappy with the result show yesterday. April blogged a recap of Wednesday nights performance and asked me what I thought....So I picked who I thought would be in the bottom 3:

  • Ashley
  • Melinda
  • Adechike

So, I sat to watch the results and they told us the bottom three right away like always....I was way off! I got Melinda right...this is her second time in the bottom 3. And then they picked Christina...random. She did a fabulous performance with Pasha the night before and has yet to get bad reviews. And then Robert....that came from left field. He is a terrific dancer and was praised at doing a good job with Anya. But when it comes down to it....this is really america's popularity contest and then the judges pick out of the 3 least popular for their technique and overall performance. I thought for sure it would be Melinda. Not sure why. I do think she is a good dancer but there is something that just doesn't do it for me. Plus...second time in the bottom, America is trying to say something.

Nigel is ready to tell us the results. He informs us the decision is NOT unanimous! He tells Robert right away that he is safe. Lookie there....another girl gets the boot! It's the year of the boys I tell you. So it is between Melinda and Christina. One thing I noticed from last week as well....Melinda doesn't hold hands or do anything like the normal girls do when waiting for news...I find this odd, personal opinion. Nigel calls Melinda forward and makes it clear (he does this often when the judges don't side with him) that he wanted to send her home but Mia and Adam saved her. What! And Melinda just walks off the stage. Doesn't give Cat a hug...Christina a hug... I felt like it was a slap in the face for her to do that to Christina because she was now going home. Clearly....Melinda is not my fav! Christina handled her departure in a very perfessional and mature way. She thanked everyone for everything that she learned and the people she met....a true lady!

So, my question now is: Are the judges going to save Melinda every week when America puts her in the bottom 3? Not really fair for the other dancers. This is turning out to be an interesting season. Can't wait till Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a silly hat

Let me start this off by saying becoming an aunt was one of the most exciting things to happen to me next to having my own kids and my wedding day! With that being said, I love to spend time with my nephew when I can. With having Blake just four months after Dalton was born I haven't had any one on one time with him but I take what I can get. I love to take pictures of him because he is such a flirt and a shutterbug's dream!
I had bought this $1 hat at Target over the weekend to take July 4th photos of Blake and thought it would be cute to get some of Dalton. I knew he wouldn't disappoint! And look at the photo....clearly he was ment to be a gerber baby or something with his adorable face plastered everywhere for anyone and everyone to view.
So, as you can see, he didn't try and take it off at all. He even posed for the pictures. Clearly he knows at a very young age just how easy it is to make his Aunt Jessie happy! I see many more photo opps and scrapbook pages in the works for this kid.
Then the real cuteness started! He really started posing now. He starts by sliding the hat over to the side. That's right, this isn't his first rodeo. He has been to Aunt Jessie's photo studio before and he totally knows how to work the camera. I have trained him well. Then the silliness starts.
He pulls the oversized hat over his head! And his head isn't small so to me, it's even more cute and funny. This makes him giggle with delight and tickles the rest of us to pieces as well. He is such a ham. Truely loves to be the center of attention...I'm guessing he might get that from daddy a little bit, lol.
We had really only lasted about 15 min but there are priceless pics of a little boy that finds joys in the simple things!
So I typical model fashion.....Dalton ends his photoshoot in style. Wearing his oversized shades, courtisy of mom, because his future is just that bright! Peace out to next time......gotta think of another photo shoot for him lol.

5 Months!!

Yesterday Blake turned 5 months old! I can't get over much time flies when you have kids. I feel like I was just pregnant with him. I picked him up from school and he was full of giggles yesterday. I loved it! Baby giggles are the best thing in the world....really. So in 5 short months I realized that it is ok to share love. I mean, I've always had Alexys and Devon but the love was different for obvious reasons. I was actually worried! Is that normal? But he's here and everything is great! I've always told Alexys she was my first love. She was my first experience at being a "mom" and I loved every minute of it. Plus, she was my only girl so that in itself holds a special place in my heart. Devon was my first born so that says alot right there. The experience of child birth is like no other. I wouldn't change that for anything. Having Blake was different. I was older, more mature....and it was planned, which helps. There are many things different between all the kids, besides the obvious age gaps. I love that they each have their own personality and you never know what you are going to get. Each day is a surprise to be cherished because it can easily be taken away at any moment. So, I hold my babies dear, all three of them. They are my best gifts in life

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love me some family

This is an old picture but one that I've always treasured dearly! This is from Devon's Pre-K graduation with his PawPaw. We don't have many pictures with him so I love this one all the more. Bobby came home yesterday and I'm so excited to get him back into the swing of our family's day to day happenings. Devon has done nothing but talk about fishing with him for the past month.
Family has always been very important to me but more so in the last couple of years. I believe that the people you put yourself around make who you are. I feel I'm a pretty awesome person so naturally I surround myself with pretty awesome people.
Friends are also equally important. Sometime the lines of friends and family are blurry because you just become so close to them. That's when you know you have it made! When friends are family and family are your friends.
Here is to many more memories with my friends and family...I love you all! I get thru life with you all by my side...I need each of you for different reason. I'm glad yall are always there for me!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sudden Realization

April text me last night to tell me she blogged again but it wasn't her best work. We are just starting the whole blogging business so we get excited about each post. So, I log in to see her most recent entry and it is titled Walgreens Therapy. As soon as I read that I instantly smile. I have teased April for years now for her addiction to buy anything on sale at Walgreens. It wasn't until I was reading her blog that I discovered I too had my own "sickness" once for "retail therapy".
When I started scrapbooking about 10 years ago I had nothing in terms of materials. I slowly bought things here and biggie really. Then in 2004 I broke my arm and was unable to scrap for awhile. I would still go over my friend, Penni's, that I use to scrap with every Friday. I would either talk to her while she scrapped or we would go over ideas or whatever. Then we found out a scrapbook store was going out of business. That's when it started!!
We started going in once a week to "check out" the deals. Since they had just annonced their closing there were not to many deals to speak of but....we bought stuff just the same. Then the whole store started to go off little by little....10%, 20%, and so on. We started going every Friday and maybe a day in between if we could sneek it in. I realized I was buying stuff because it was so cheap...not really having a project for it to even go with. This went on for about 2 1/2 months. I can say now I bought more stuff then I probably will ever use. I have every sticker anyone could possibly want I think. I have paper for any occassion. And at the time when I was making the purchases I couldn't even scrap because of my broken I guess in my head, this was me still doing my hobby (the expensive way).
Needless to say now, I do not have to go out and buy supplies for to many projects. I might want to because I want the "new" stuff but I have so much in stock I need to be smarter about that. I guess I just felt "she who dies with the most supplies, wins!"