Saturday, June 26, 2010

Majic Pot on backorder?!?!

WTF! I have wanted this majical cooking creation since the first time I witnessed it baking a 5 pound chicken in the MICROWAVE in 30 minutes at Sabrena's Pampered Chef party.
So, last week at my pampered chef party I KNEW that I was going to order at least this majical number. I clearly needed this in my life. Being Betty Crocker doesn't come easy for this girl.
I closed out my party on Wenesday with my Pampered Chef consultant, Becki. She informed me the order would arrive in about a week. Ok, cool! Sounds great! On Friday I got an email saying the order would be delivered SATURDAY!!!!! I was stoked! You don't even know! I already had my meal all planned out for Sunday. I was going to make my amazing 5 pound microwave chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and some buscuits! Yummy! I even went to Kroger after work yesterday before I picked up the kids to get all the neccessities.
The Fed Ex guy arrives! Yay....pampered chef time! I get everyones orders together and realize........NO MAJIC POT!!! The damn thing is on backorder! Really? I for once in my life had a wonderful family dinner planned on Sunday and the Gods at Pampered Chef laughed at it. No idea when it will be in either. Crap! So now I have to figure out what to do with this 5 pound chicken...i want my pot. On the upside....I did get all the receipes that I could cook with my majic pot so when if finally decideds to grace me with its presence.....I will have tons of stuff to cook and totally get my money out of it!

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