Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Majic Chicken

So I made my 5 pound chicken in the majic pot tonight!!!! Let me start this by saying when cooking a whole chicken in meals past....Robert handles this not I. This is my first experience with a whole....raw...nasty chicken. I could have lived my life and never cleaned out the "goodies" inside a bird and been perfectly happy with my life, just saying! So, cleaned the bird up and plopped it in the pot. See, fits nicely. Like the chicken was grown to fit in the majic pot..... Because it would totally make to much sense to say they made the majic pot to fit a 5 pound chicken...but whatev. This wonderful dish only has 2 ingredients:
One tablespoon of olive oil and any seasoning you wish, that's it! Pretty simple huh?
I got my bird all lubed and seasoned and ready to go...that sounds aweful!
And popped that bad boy in the microwave for 30 minutes. Now, Betty Crocker I am not! While my wonderful dish was cooking in the microwave....I made instant potatos, frozen veggies and cresant rolls. Easy dinner but delicious.
And tada! The bird is done. Looks yummy I know! Super juicy. This pot works out wonderful because Robert HATES cooking chicken. He's always afraid he will under cook it just dries the hell out of it.
Dinner was super tasty. To top it off...Blake was sleeping and Devon was still gone with his sister! That's right....Robert and I got to eat dinner alone!! Not that it was romantic or anything...Robert turned on UFC... I guess if you like watching 2 guys beat the crap out of each other, blood flying, while you are eating dinner...then the romance lives on.
All in all....first dish with the majic pot was a total success! So happy I invested in one!


  1. i loved it!! lol. i totally need to get one of those.

  2. that first picture threw me for a bit, it looks kind of weird on your dashboard... but congrats on the success of your first magic chicken dinner!