Friday, June 25, 2010

The Results Show......

I am no longer fond of Thursday nights because it means that someone is going home on So You Think You Can Dance. This has been my all time favorite show since its beginning. This year, by far, has been the best year of talent. But, they decided to switch things up this year. They dance with all-starts this year, dancers from years past. I love the idea but I also think it is interesting to have them dance styles with partners that aren't necessarly experts in it as well. None the less....this is how it is this year. Also, only one person goes home every week. Past years one boy and one girl would go home...making it "fair" on if a boy or girl would win. This year started out with the boys in the lead because they picked top 6 boys and top 5 girls. What...they couldn't find ONE more girl to add. Two result shows have passed and two girls have gone home......the odds are not good.

The point of this post is that I am very unhappy with the result show yesterday. April blogged a recap of Wednesday nights performance and asked me what I thought....So I picked who I thought would be in the bottom 3:

  • Ashley
  • Melinda
  • Adechike

So, I sat to watch the results and they told us the bottom three right away like always....I was way off! I got Melinda right...this is her second time in the bottom 3. And then they picked Christina...random. She did a fabulous performance with Pasha the night before and has yet to get bad reviews. And then Robert....that came from left field. He is a terrific dancer and was praised at doing a good job with Anya. But when it comes down to it....this is really america's popularity contest and then the judges pick out of the 3 least popular for their technique and overall performance. I thought for sure it would be Melinda. Not sure why. I do think she is a good dancer but there is something that just doesn't do it for me. Plus...second time in the bottom, America is trying to say something.

Nigel is ready to tell us the results. He informs us the decision is NOT unanimous! He tells Robert right away that he is safe. Lookie there....another girl gets the boot! It's the year of the boys I tell you. So it is between Melinda and Christina. One thing I noticed from last week as well....Melinda doesn't hold hands or do anything like the normal girls do when waiting for news...I find this odd, personal opinion. Nigel calls Melinda forward and makes it clear (he does this often when the judges don't side with him) that he wanted to send her home but Mia and Adam saved her. What! And Melinda just walks off the stage. Doesn't give Cat a hug...Christina a hug... I felt like it was a slap in the face for her to do that to Christina because she was now going home. Clearly....Melinda is not my fav! Christina handled her departure in a very perfessional and mature way. She thanked everyone for everything that she learned and the people she met....a true lady!

So, my question now is: Are the judges going to save Melinda every week when America puts her in the bottom 3? Not really fair for the other dancers. This is turning out to be an interesting season. Can't wait till Wednesday!

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  1. I totally agree! Think the best I could comment on her dance was not to really comment at all, and the best the judges could do was 'ok'. Christina rocked!!!