Monday, June 28, 2010

Target Experience today!

I am a firm believer that children should act right in public. If my kids want to show their ass and act it at home, or else.
After work I stopped at Target to get a few things. I was in the card section trying to find the perfect card for someone (this is a very important task to me which I do take seriously) and it started. There was a mother on the same aisle with her 3 kids. The mother is looking at the cards...clearly trying to find the perfect birthday card. The youngest girl, maybe 4 or 5 starts......"Momma, Momma, Mom, Momma......Mooooooom, Momma..." This goes on for at least 10...NO LIE! Mother never says anything or even looks her way. Then the middle boy, maybe 9 or so "Where's your phone mom? Give it to me know? I need it, give it to me now! I want to get this toy! What, why not? You act like it is a $100 or something...just buy me the toy mom". Then the pre-teen, talking in her most grown up voice of course "Mother, I found the cutest little stuffed animal I want. It would look so cute in my room. What? No? Fine! I'll just walk all the way back to the toys and put it back and then come all the way back and just stand here".
Keep in mind....all this happens with in 10 minutes. There are talking over each other most of the time. I'm trying to pick the PERFECT card for someone! I can't read with all this crap going on! I actually said OUTLOUD...and not quietly mind you "OH MY GOD! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!" And the mother still never told her kids to SHUT THE FCK UP! I would have had to leave and beat my children because there is no need to act like white trash in public. You wondering why your kids don't listen when you told them once to be quiet....because you let them act like that! I hope you were picking out the perfect "i'm sorry my kids are heathens" card for everyone you know. Should should buy that one in bulk....I feel as if you owe me one now!

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  1. OMG! That sucks! You should make your own card and hand it out to random people with rotten kids when you're out and about... I would buy some :)