Monday, June 28, 2010

My Boys

Finally! I got the cutest pictures of my boys together! Yesterday I took a photography class. Not that I'm instantly an awesome photographer or anything but I was pretty excited. After bathtime Devon asked if he could hold Blake so they sat in the rocker. I had to grab my camera. I don't have many pictures of them together at all. I messed with the different settings on my camera...just as the instructor had asked us to do. It will take me awhile to perfect anything I learned but until then....I have these gorgeous pictures of my boys. The center one is my favorite! Blake seems to have this thing that when the camera comes out he has this deer in the headlights look to him. This picture actually has a little smirk, personality! I couldn't be happier having my boys....I will admit, I was scared about having another one! Not really the thought of having more kids....knowing that I would have to share the love with yet another child....didn't know if I had it in me. Luckily I am a very loving momma and all three of my kids never have to worry about that. Each child means something different to me and I love them with all my life. I pledge to continue to take wonderful pictures of all my kids...even when they roll their eyes everytime I get out the camera. Alexys and Devon are use to it....and Blake is being brought up with my obsession so he should be ok.
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  1. I thought I would miss not haveing a little girl but, I wouldn't give up these two boys for anything. I couldn't be happier.