Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love me some family

This is an old picture but one that I've always treasured dearly! This is from Devon's Pre-K graduation with his PawPaw. We don't have many pictures with him so I love this one all the more. Bobby came home yesterday and I'm so excited to get him back into the swing of our family's day to day happenings. Devon has done nothing but talk about fishing with him for the past month.
Family has always been very important to me but more so in the last couple of years. I believe that the people you put yourself around make who you are. I feel I'm a pretty awesome person so naturally I surround myself with pretty awesome people.
Friends are also equally important. Sometime the lines of friends and family are blurry because you just become so close to them. That's when you know you have it made! When friends are family and family are your friends.
Here is to many more memories with my friends and family...I love you all! I get thru life with you all by my side...I need each of you for different reason. I'm glad yall are always there for me!

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