Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a silly hat

Let me start this off by saying becoming an aunt was one of the most exciting things to happen to me next to having my own kids and my wedding day! With that being said, I love to spend time with my nephew when I can. With having Blake just four months after Dalton was born I haven't had any one on one time with him but I take what I can get. I love to take pictures of him because he is such a flirt and a shutterbug's dream!
I had bought this $1 hat at Target over the weekend to take July 4th photos of Blake and thought it would be cute to get some of Dalton. I knew he wouldn't disappoint! And look at the photo....clearly he was ment to be a gerber baby or something with his adorable face plastered everywhere for anyone and everyone to view.
So, as you can see, he didn't try and take it off at all. He even posed for the pictures. Clearly he knows at a very young age just how easy it is to make his Aunt Jessie happy! I see many more photo opps and scrapbook pages in the works for this kid.
Then the real cuteness started! He really started posing now. He starts by sliding the hat over to the side. That's right, this isn't his first rodeo. He has been to Aunt Jessie's photo studio before and he totally knows how to work the camera. I have trained him well. Then the silliness starts.
He pulls the oversized hat over his head! And his head isn't small so to me, it's even more cute and funny. This makes him giggle with delight and tickles the rest of us to pieces as well. He is such a ham. Truely loves to be the center of attention...I'm guessing he might get that from daddy a little bit, lol.
We had really only lasted about 15 min but there are priceless pics of a little boy that finds joys in the simple things!
So I typical model fashion.....Dalton ends his photoshoot in style. Wearing his oversized shades, courtisy of mom, because his future is just that bright! Peace out to next time......gotta think of another photo shoot for him lol.

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