Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Wishes!!

Today is my baby sisters birthday! The years have flown by and I am amazed at the woman she has become.

Jamie has always been a soft spot in my heart....more than I think she knows. For starters...she's my only sibling! I'm territorial....she's all mine! We fought when we were little like many sisters do...no biggie, part of growing up.

It wasn't until I graduated from high school that Jamie and I really became close. We would talk at least once a week. When she graduated from high school and went off to college we started talking like every day! Some how, the miles between us made us closer. I've always been the emotional one...Jamie the rock. So much so that when she does call me crying....I turn into mother hen. Who did this to you, where can I find them.....lord help them. lol.

Jamie Lou, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Your last one as an unmarried woman. I hope your knight in shining armour takes your out for a wonderful evening. I love you, and remember....I'll always have your back!



  1. I love these pictures of you two together.

  2. Very sweet, someone loves thier sister! David loves that first picture.
    Love ya,