Friday, July 30, 2010

The Results....7/29

As you can see, Billy and Jose went home. Before I go on about their departure, let me talk about the bottom three. Of course Billy and Jose were in the bottom three, but who joined them. I predicted it would be Adechike but I was totally wrong. It was Lauren! First time all season she has been in the bottom. I was a little baffled. There are only two reasons I could think of that she found herself in this predicament:
  • Maybe people got a little freaked when Cat announced right at the end of Wednesday night's show that she was with the medics. We have already had two dancers go home because of injury. Maybe people didn't want to "waste" their vote.
  • Wednesday night was really not "her" night. Her dance with Allison was good, but I felt like she was holding back a little. And even Nigel said her dance with Adechike they were both just going thru the movements.

Either way, the judges saved her. But starting next week, it is all up to America. I honestly think Kent might totally have this!

Back to the departures.

I don't think Jose was surprised. I loved his little speech. You can tell he is truly honored to have made it this far and has learned so much. I loved that he said he considers himself a dancer now. He is so down to earth, i love him.

Billy was a little surprised I think. But that goes back to him thinking he is the shit and God's gift to the dancing world. I'm not saying the boy isn't good...but people do not like arrogance.

The dancers from Step It Up 3D performed....IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I think April and I need a movie date to go see that movie...just saying. Even Lil C was dancing, it was BUCK! haha

This has been a very exciting year and full of some of the shows best dancers ever. I am sad that in 2 weeks the show will be over, it's one of the reasons I love summer.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Predictions

Todays post....has tons of pics in case you missed it! Let me start off by saying...NO INJURIES!!! Remember that I said this. I knew this week would be good because 2 people are going home this week. This is how everything went down (thru my eyes of course). Kent and Anya do a sexy Cha-Cha. I think Kent totally pulled off being sexy in this. Even Nigel said he was a "man" dancing. But then Mia went and said he needed to watch his facial expressions. I thought they were fine...but I'm not a judge so whatev. Kent pulled it off, totally believable. Robert and Kathryn do contemporary. Very moving piece. This piece is about a loved one leaving for war. The twist at the end, it is Kathryn that is going off to war, not Robert. Remember last weeks results show when Nigel said they didn't feel Robert had "grown", well last night he said he had. All the judges felt that Robert and Kathryn had great connection. When Cat asked Kathryn what she thought she got teary eyed and choked up and said this week was amazing dancing with him.
Adechike and Courtney do a Jazz routine. It was a very upbeat dance. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Not much else to comment about.
Jose and Comfort perform a Hip-Hop number. I thought this was danced very well but felt the music choice was odd. I believe it was an Otis Redding number. Mia said Jose had no "swag", I didn't feel that way.
Lauren and Allison do Broadway. Before they danced I was a little worried about this number. Allison is SO good I was afraid she would totally shadow Lauren and make her look like a "weak" dancer. To my surprise, Lauren totally uped her game and kept up with Allison. Adam commented that he thinks of Lauren as an all-star already. Mia simply said she loved Lauren and said she had just might win this thing.
Billy and Ada to contemporary. Let me start off by saying I don't like Billy. If you have read my other recaps you would already know this. I'm not sure what it is but he rubs me wrong. So, I was hoping he would do bad. But, I must say this was a beautifully danced and moving routine. Nigel said this piece showed maturity and Mia said this was her favorite piece. I love everything that Ada does.
Jose and Kent do Broadway. Right away this pairing worried me. I think it was a cute routine. Everyone feels that Kent was born to do Broadway. Mia even mentioned with Broadway Kent could get away with his facial expressions. Once again, Mia makes up words that no one understands to try and get her point across and Cat has to be like "what does that mean". I felt bad that Jose had to stand there while Kent was getting all these compliments and Jose did not get any. I do understand that he is no where near the trained dancer that Kent is but he just had that sad little puppy dog face.
Lauren and Adechike did a foxtrot. Awkward, not sure why but it didn't feel right. I don't have much else to say. I think Nigel even said he felt like they just danced it...he didn't "get" anything out of it.
Billy and Robert do a bollywood routine. I don't really get bollywood, but it was entertaining. The beginning was a little out of sync but the fixed that. I thought that Billy danced this a little feminine. After the routine, Nigel asked how Billy's knee was (injury last week) and Billy said all is good. Cat says again "no injuries this week". The judges felt like the show ended on a good note.
When they come back from commercial, they go thru every ones routines again and give the numbers to call and vote. Then.....Cat mentions that Lauren had to go see the medics and leaves it at that. Really? Not going to say anything else. And that was the end of the show. WTF?
How am I supposed to predict my bottom three with that? I don't know for sure what is even wrong with Lauren and if she could possibly be in the bottom three by default. I would think since she was able to dance that wouldn't be an issue. But what if her injury is really bad and will be unable to dance next week? But other dancers have taken a week off, but since we are so close to the end will this be an issue. All the questions....
Then I see on twitter that last night SYTYCD tweeted that she was just dehydrated. This morning...they said she also had a concussion and are waiting to hear from the doctors. She can't be out. I think the final two are going to be her and Kent....she needs her chance.
Here are my predictions assuming everything is peachy with Lauren:
  • Jose-he just isn't trained and up to the same standard as the others
  • Adechike-compared to the other dancers, he doesn't have the fan base or the "umf" the others do
  • Billy-not just because I don't care for him, he has also been in the bottom 3 before, but something about him doesn't connect with America (but he did have a good night)

There you go! Only two more weeks after tonight and we will know who America's favorite dancer is. This is a hard year, but I think it would have been even harder if Alex and Ashley stayed in the competition and didn't leave with injuries.

Update: SYTYCD just put on twitter that Lauren is OK. She will not dance the opening number but will dance if she is in the bottom 3 (like that is going to happen)!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Not so Wordless.... Here is one of the beautiful pictures that took this past weekend of Blake. I am totally in love with this photo. Maybe I'm silly (or just missing her that much) but when I saw the way Blake was looking up in this photo I said "Awww, he's looking up at his great-grandma". Either way, Nicole did an excellent job! I can't wait to see the rest.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laundry of a little boy

I'm not totally sure how it happens, but babies go thru ALOT of laundry. I have had 3 baskets of CLEAN laundry in Blake's room for well over a month now. I always have good intentions of going home and folding and putting some of it up....but life happens and I just don't get to it, until last night. I came home and started dinner, feed Blake and then layed him down in the living room with a bottle. After his bottle I thought for sure he would go to sleep.....not so much. No biggie, he was playing quietly by himself. Then while we were sitting down eating dinner we heard Blake babbling to himself and all of a sudden quiet! I looked and he was passed out. Yay! After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and went to tackle Blake's room. I started folding laundry and putting everything where it needed to go. Some of the clothes he had already grown out of so I put them in a bag. In no time, basket number 1 was done! I tackled basket number 2 and the pile on the floor! Mission accomplished. Then I realized when Blake did his exorcist throw up Sunday he got it on the carpet so hubby had to clean that up. I moved the humidifier and cleaned out two bags we had used to go to various places. I was pretty happy. Now I just need my mom to come Saturday and hang up two pictures and that room will be perfect! I loved getting things organized, takes the stress out of life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Long awaited family photo

Here is one of our wonderful family photos that Nicole, , took. Click on her link to see the other ones she has posted. I can't wait to see the rest. First family photo...only took 10 years. Why so long you might ask? Maybe somehow I knew our family wasn't complete. We, Robert and I, have always had Alexys, then we got Devon....I just knew we weren't complete. So here we are, party of 5! Love all the shots of the kids together and individually. Enjoy...more to come.

Friday, July 23, 2010

6 Months!

Yesterday Blake had his half birthday! 6 has really flown by. I baked cupcakes for the occassion.
He wasn't to sure about just pushed it over at first. We flipped it over and he put his hand right on top, and looked to make sure it was ok.
I think he really liked the texture.
We helped him out and put his other hand on it as well for him. yay!
Getting messy!
Daddy trying to get Blake to take a little bite. He knew what the icing tasted like but we want to try out the actual cupcake.
He was sold! He wanted a big yummy bite.
Too cute! We couldn't get him to smile for nothing.
Didn't make to much of a mess.
He has a bite in his mouth.
Taking a few more bites.
Finger lickin good!
He can star in Avatar now (get it, blue face, lol).
He's telling PawPaw how good it was.
Clearly he looks done here. He started rubbing it in his eyes and ears. Bath time!
After bath time and a bottle....he decides to smile!
  • 17 pounds, 6 ounces
  • Rolling over like crazy
  • Starting to have more hand/eye coordination
  • I love that you are able to hold your bottle on your own.
  • I love the smile on your face when I pick you up from daycare.
  • I love the giggles you make when daddy gives you kisses and tickles your face.
  • I love how adoring you look at your big brother when he comes and talks to you every morning.
  • I love the perfect way you completed our family....Party of Five! (I loved that show)

The Results.....7/22

What a night! Before I talk about Thursday's results show, I watched the dance videos for Wednesday night. I only was able to see the dance and did not get to hear any of the judges comments. Here is my more educated opinion on Wednesday night's dances, I know you all were waiting (actually I don't think anyone reads my SYTYCD post but April but I still love to do them).
  • Lauren and Twitch: Hip-Hop. Save a horse Ride a cowboy! Loved the dance. I felt like she really "brought it" to the stage and totally held her own next to Twitch. It was fun, sexy and entertaining.
  • Jose and Allison: Contemporary. Personally....felt like there was VERY little dancing. Not sure how the judges felt about it. It was good I guess based on what they were given. There was emotion and feeling, showed Jose's strength (muscles) and I loved how they didn't incorporate any of his b-boying and he did straight contemporary.
  • Robert and Lauren: Jazz. Saucy! I loved it! There was one party where Robert ran his mouth up Lauren's Robert SO reminds me of Mark. I think he was there for Lauren and held his own as well.
  • Kent and Kathryn: Jazz. It was good...for some reason the dance didn't really "do" anything for me, but it was danced well.
  • Adechike and Comfort: Hip-Hop. Very intense! I liked it alot. Showed a new dynamic for Adechike. His tears during the judges comments were priceless, it obviously touched him on a personal level. Excellent dance.
  • Lauren and Robert: samba. Sexy. I thought they both did very well. Robert looked like a Latin dancer, sexy. Both of them moved there hips just right when needed. Excellent routine.
  • Adechike and Jose: Paso Doble. I felt like two guys doing a Paso was a little weird. Another observation, Jose is much more muscular than Adechike. When they were doing the cape thing at the beginning it looked like Adechike had to put in alot more effort than Jose to get that cape to whirl around.
  • Kent and Twitch: step. Let me start off by saying Billy was supposed to dance this with Kent.....that would have been the ultimate showdown. Really wish America could have seen that....I think Kent would have kicked Billy's butt. With that being said, I thought that Kent and Twitch did a great job. Kent looked like he was the kid, only because Twitch is so tall, not because his skills were not there, so it was perfect when Kent handed Twitch the "stepping 201" book at the end. I agree....there is nothing Kent can't do. He just needs to work on his machoness during salsa (or sexy) routines.

If I had watched the routines before my predictions yesterday I think my predictions still would have stayed the same. That brings me to the actual "The Results" post.

They tell us right away who the bottom two are that join Billy. Jose (which I figured) and Robert. I just don't understand why Robert keeps being put down there. After the dancing and all that the judges come back to tell us who will go home. Nigel calls Robert forward and tells him that the judges feel he has not been growing as a dancer and told him if he stays with the show he needs to really work on that. Then, Nigel calls Jose forward. He tells Jose as well that the judges feel he has not been growing as a dancer in other genres but he has grown in his solos, his own style. He needs to work on this as well if he stays. Then Nigel calls Billy forward. There is something about this kid that I don't really care for but I cannot put my finger on it. Nigel said that Billy has set a new precedent for the show. The doctors cleared Billy to dance and he "chose" not to do a solo tonight. Nigel said it was hard to judge him with him not only not dancing this week but not doing a solo as well. Nigel then decided that no one goes home this week but two people will go home next week! I don't agree with this decision at all. Not dancing was Billy's choice. Ugh!

So, now the dancers will have twice as much pressure to dance well next week since two are going home. I feel more injuries coming on...just saying. I hate to say it but I think Jose is definitely going home next week...just not sure who will be joining him. Until Wednesday...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thursdays Predictions

Well this just sucks! Six dancers...they did 3 dances each...and my DVR was jacked up and didn't record the show! FML!!! I tried to get on the website so I could watch the show there, no such luck, you have to wait 4 days!! So now I must wait until Beauty Sale Shopper's recap of last night and check out the pics on the website. I'll get a half ass glimpses today on the results show. This is just wrong on so many levels. I watch like 3 shows all summer and I got robbed this week. I know Billy gets hurt and is automatically in the bottom 3. Another injury, it is because this season has some of the best dancers and they are making them do truly difficult routines. Here is my totally uneducated predictions of the bottom three (keep in mind I saw NONE of last nights show):
  • Billy (by default)
  • Adechike (based on previous performances)
  • Jose (based on his lack of technique)

Truly with all the injuries I think that Billy will go home and once again someone that should go home will be saved. I will have to watch last nights performance online (in 4 days because they can't post it sooner) and I might have to comment a little more about it, also depends on who goes home.

So, there is my ultimate crappy recap. Dish Network....don't jack with my shit tonight or I will lose it, just saying!

Am I at that point?

I feel as if I have added stress on me lately to look a "certain" way. In the past couple of weeks I've been told that I have ALOT of gray showing, my hair cut makes my face heavy, the steriods made my whole face pudgy.... I'm hard enough on myself really, I don't need your help. I (unfortunately) have to see myself naked and see the kangaroo pouch I call a belly where my baby once was. I realize that I do have an infant. But I feel after 6 months...I should see some signs of not being the fat ass that I see before me. Then today, the Avon lady brought us our catalogs. On the front cover is the "age defining cream". Like usual I flip past it and think nothing more. But then on the next page it shows 3 different creams...for age groups, 50.., 40..., and 30?! And I ask myself "Am I at that point?" Do I really need to start using moisturizers and all that at 31? At one time I always thought over 30 was old....but I feel fairly young. I don't feel like I "look" my age, some times I do "feel" older than my age. So you are telling me I need to add yet another cream to my after shower routine? Pimple cream, mederma for my scar, lotion for my body and now wrinkle cream? FML!!! Momma didn't tell me about that one, lol.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm pretty cool

It truly is the silly little things that make me happy. Today....someone that I don't personally know became my follower! Yay. Thank you Jamie Jenson. She writes some seriously funny stuff in her blog...check it out You too will fall in love.
This picture really has nothing to do with my post...I just can't seem to write in my blog without pictures, it's my thing. Besides, I was pretty cool in this photo. You can't tell but the people that were there know, I was rockin my side ponytail, hot pink lipstick and a hot pink tube top....5 months pregnant! I'm the best matron-of-honor....just sayin!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stressed out!

Stress....the story of my life. These days seem to be more so than others. I suppose it is my own fault. I have something going on every weekend. People ask me to do something and I just can't say no. I try to please everyone....even over myself. I think it is all starting to take a toll on me. I have a six month old, a nine year old and a husband that has been very neglected for a few months now. I work full time, what few things I'm allowed to do for my sister's wedding I'm trying to make perfect, try and be the worlds best all my friends, i want to be there for my family and trying to make sure my nephew doesn't forget who I am. My house looks like crap most of the time. I work till 5, come home, feed the baby, make dinner for the family, do dishes and clean the kitchen, give the baby a bath, bottle and get to sleep, maybe do a load of laundry and if I'm lucky I can sit down and watch a little tv before 10. Notice that housework didn't fit into my normal day. I feel added pressure put on me being a mom of two and still trying to clean house and spend time with the hubby. I'm not super woman...I had to turn in my cape because I wasn't living up to the expectations. I know I should cut myself some slack but it's just not my style.
My list I made a few weeks ago....haven't done anything on it. No surprise I guess. I know I'm probably harder on myself than anyone but I don't like it. I think I have forgotten how to just relax. I am sleep deprived....I did catch up a little bit this weekend, took naps with Blake. I just need to take a deep breath and think about what is the most important to me and go from there. I would rather spend time with my boys (hubby included) then have a clean house, but why can't I have both. I need to be independently wealthy so I can stay home and be the super mom/wife/friend/sister/cousin/niece/daughter that I think I am in my mind. Then maybe they will give me my cape back and I can carry on being the super woman everyone thinks I am.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Only family photo

I love this photo! It's the only family photo I have of all of us. You can't really tell, but Blake is in the photo also. That's right, Blake was in my belly! Saturday we are going for professional family portraits and I'm super excited! I love my family!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A boys journal

At the end of the school year Devon was able to bring home all his school stuff that he had worked on thru out the year. One of these things was his journal. I finally got around to reading it. It is very interesting to see the kind of things that go thru my boy's head. Somethings are about his life and I remember when something he wrote happened. Here are a few entries from his journal. Some are very sweet, some are random and some are even sad.
"What makes me angry is when somebody steals something of mine or pushes me and hurts me when I fall it hurts my feelings. That's why I don't bully. I will never ever ever be a bully never be a bully in my whole entire life"
"My favorite place to eat is Outback. I love their macaroni and cheese it's so delicious and cheesy and their desserts are so good. And the coloring pages are fun to do."
"My mom grew up in Mississippi and my dad grew up in Texas. They met in high school and my grandpa was in the war, one of the world wars."
(side note: I was born in Michigan and grew up in Texas. Robert and I meet on my 21st birthday and clearly my dad was not in the world war)
"Last night I played with my legos and then I watched tv then I had dinner than dessert and I snuggled with my cat named Sadie. She is really fuzzy and fun to play with alot and I watched my dad play farmville he goes there every single day I come home he's playing it."
"My baby brother Blake was born on Friday. He is really small and I was shy but I got use to seeing him for 1 day then I went to my grandma and grandpa's for 2 days. Then I went home with my dad, mom, sissy and my baby brother, Blake and before I went to bed I held Blake and said good night to him"
"My grandparents are fun to play with and they tell you to try again and they are special because they are best grandparents in the whole universe and they buy you cool toys and if I'm good for a long time they'll buy me a toy"
"This Sunday I'm getting Easter presents and on summer I am going to have tons of fun like fishing with my pawpaw and we are going camping in a tent then I am going to Lake Livingston with my grandma, grandpa, Dad, Mom, Sissy, my cousin Carter, and Aunt Neicey and Korey and Lindsey and Uncle Clay we are going to have a lot of fun that week."
"If I pretended I was a flower and the flower that I would be is a rose because I love the color red and I love my baby brother, Mom, Dad, Sissy, Aunt Mindy, Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, Aunt Neicey, Uncle Clay, Korey and Lindsey, Carter, Pawpaw and I especially candy like mints, chocolate, mini krusty crab sandwiches and skittles and m&m's too."
Is he not the sweetest little guy when he wants to be? I love this boy so much!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Roid Rage

That's right...I'm talking about steroids! After having Blake I knew I was really going to have to work at losing the weight. Being over 30 and Blake being my second child I knew I had my work cut out for me. I wanted to look good for my sister's wedding. I started taking diet pills. I was doing pretty good...I lost a few pounds. And then I saw this....
I immediately took a picture and sent it to Robert. I thought I got ate up by bugs or something. Then I realized it was on my legs as well. WTH is going on with me I thought.
And it kept getting worse.....
When my WHOLE arm turned red...I was very concerned! I made a doctor's appointment.
It was so itchy too! So, I went to the doctor. Yeah, so I had hives. Apparently, according to my doctor, I had a very impressive case. Of coarse I would! Why on earth would I have just an ordinary case of the hives. Then the doctor tells me I have to take steroids to get ride of them for 2 WEEKS! Great! Awesome! There goes the weight loss. I GAINED 10 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK. Maybe the hives weren't so bad. So here I am, a week away from the bachlorette party (I wanted to wear a little black dress...won't be so little anymore) and a month away from the wedding and I look about 5 months prego. It is literally all in my gut! I want this kangaroo pouch to go away. Maybe I should quit my job till the wedding and live at the gym! There isn't much I can do about the bachlorette party next weekend but I'm not giving up on looking a little slimmer for the wedding. Ugh!

The Results.....7/15

Awww...Ashley went home due to injury. She was very emotional and saddened by the news, to be expected. I would have loved to see her dance this week out of her element...would have been a change. The judges have had it to easy. They haven't had to make a decision in two weeks. So, my predictions were once again half right...Ashley (by default), Billy and Jose. I wasn't sure between Adechike and Jose... It was a toss up. Comfort and Twitch do an AWESOME hip-hop routine. I think they have the same "style" of hip-hop and it looked great. They have both grown so much since their season on SYTYCD. I loved the comments by Nigel about their solos. Nigel said he felt like he saw a different side of Jose in the last two nights. He really felt like Jose was fighting for his life, so much so that he almost looked angry...but he liked it. Nigel commented that he felt Billy almost went back a step from Wednesday night saying that basically his solos are all the same, he is not bringing anything new to the table. Then Nigel tells us that Ashley is out of the competition due to injury. I wonder if Ashley wasn't injured and was able to dance what would have happened. Would she still have been in the bottom 3? Would Jose have gone home? From here on out Thursdays will sadden me even more. I love all the remaining contestants...I'm emotionally attached to them now. As of today...I think Kent might win it, but Lauren is going to make him work for it. Keep in mind Lauren is now THE ONLY remaining girl left so she has even more to prove. She is representing the females now! Until next Wednesday......

Thursday, July 15, 2010

She is a thing of Beauty

Yesterday my mother and I went with Jamie for her bridal portraits. As if my sister wasn't beautiful enough....poof!!!....she gets even more beautiful. I thought for sure when I left the house that at some point in the day I would cry, I cry often when it comes to Jamie. When we were done with hair and make up we had lunch until it was time for the photo shoot. I actually got to hear about some of the wedding plans, I enjoyed it! But really, I enjoy spending any time with my sister...we both have busy lives. Then we get to the strip house (calm down, it's a restaurant) and Jamie puts on her dress. Oh My God! A thing of absolute beauty I tell ya. I felt myself get a little choked up and I knew that wouldn't help Jamie at all so I just started doing stuff. I kept myself busy and my mind off everything but thinking of her now....I get tears in my eyes. I can't wait to see the look on David's (mention #2 in my blog, lol) face when he sees his beautiful bride for the first time walking down the aisle.

Thursdays Predictions

That's's time again for me to recap the show I'm addicted to all summer long, give you my expert opinion and predict the bottom 3. Let me tell you, picking the bottom 3 is getting increasingly harder and I'm starting to not look forward to it. Let's start off by saying Ashley hurt her ribs or something and is in the hospital and will automatically be in the bottom three. On the plus side, I only have to predict 2 this week (again). But here we go:
  • Lauren and Mark do a Tahitian piece. I liked it! It was something new and original on the show. I can not believe how Lauren's hips moved. Constantly shaking even when she was walking....I envy that. And Mark......I heart him. He is super sexy. I think he is an excellent dancer and gives 110% to everything he does.
  • Adechike and Anya do Salsa! It was competition salsa. I thought there were some awkward moments. I didn't feel a real "connection" between them. There were alot of hard moves and I think Adechike got thru them and finished the routine. But the judges were acting like it was his best routine to date....not at all. It wasn't awful but i would say it was one of my least favorite of the night.
  • Jose and Courtney do Broadway. I found this odd. I thought that Jose was basically dancing by himself and Courtney was just walking provocatively around the stage. Didn't like that....I thought this was kind of a "partnering" show. None the less, I have never been formally trained in any kind of dance so I guess I don't know anything! I thought Jose did a great job but NONE of the judges agreed with me. I was so sad for Jose...I thought he was going to cry...and Mia too. But Adam gave him things to work on and that boosted Jose up a little....gets him motivated.
  • Robert and Allison Travis Wall contemporary. I think they had an advantage from the get go. I personally feel anything Travis Wall does is amazing especially if there are great dancers...which he had. Plus, if you choreograph anything from the heart with emotion....instant winner, winner, chicken dinner! This was in tribute to Travis' mom. Knowing how much Robert's own mom means to him I think this really hit close to home for him. Allison is amazing at ANYTHING she does. So this....was a match made in Heaven....standing ovation. With Mia losing her mom recently this affected her the most....go Mia for's alright to do so. Loved the piece, perfection.
  • Billy and Anya dance the jive. I thought Billy connected a little more with Anya. Anya's heel got caught in her dress early on and gave her a few problems thru out the dance and feel it affected her performance and in turn affected Billy's. Very upbeat piece...but all Jives are. The judges were thrilled with Billy's progress, I thought he did progress...but it wasn't ALL that. I don't know if it will get America to vote this week.
  • Kent and Neil do Broadway. AMAZING! Kent was born to do Broadway. For once he can do a dance where the judges won't gripe about facial features, although he did tone them down. I think for an all boy routine it totally worked. Their leaps and everything were almost always together. Loved it!
  • Lauren and Billy do a Jazz. Two pairs of shoes meet each other....interesting concept. I enjoyed the piece. I thought they both danced it very well. I agree with Adam, Billy did actually "get into" the music and looked like he was just enjoying himself. I felt Lauren did a good job as well.
  • Jose and Dominic do a B-boy routine. First one ever on SYTYCD stage and it was AWESOME! Didn't care for the costumes but loved the dance. Jose totally redeemed himself. I agree with Adam, it was great that Jose got shot down on the other dance and was able to get himself together and "school" everyone. I think Jose has America's heart. I don't think he will win...but I don't know if he's going home just yet.
  • Adechike and Kent on a contemporary number. Two boys again. I think they are challenging the choreographers this year as well. worked! I think they both did a great job. I love Kent's dancing....period. I think Adechike did a great job...his leaps were wonderful.
  • Robert and Katherine do disco. Why? Disco is like the quickstep. Mind as well be the kiss of death, right? But, they pulled it off. Robert is great at what he Totally pulled it off and it was a joy to watch.

So now to pick the bottom 3. Ashley is automatically there. But I'm unsure who might be joining her. Jose is not there technically but I feel he connects with America more than say, Billy. Adechike might be there as well because I think he is ify with both America and the judges. Some weeks they love him and others...not so much. Robert might just because America is weird and apparently misdial every week. I think Kent is safe without a doubt and I feel the only reason Lauren might be in the bottom 3 is because the tween girls are pissed because she got to kiss Kent.

So the predictions are:

  • Ashley (by default)
  • Billy
  • Adechike

Hmmm, same two people I picked last week. I see a trend. But I was right with Billy last week and I feel Alex going home due to injury could have possibly saved Billy. We will see tonight!

Monday, July 12, 2010

First hair cut!

Last Friday we gave Blake a haircut. So, it was his "first" haircut but not his "first real" haircut. We just cut above the ears. Since Blake lost only the hair on top of his head and was working the old man look for awhile his hair grew way past his ears. Look at those beautiful baby blue eyes.
As you can see....not a cute look, even on Blake.
So we decided to cut it. That's right, we are using kitchen scissors...that' how we roll.
Much better!!!!
This side got butchered a little...but it's all good.
He is SO excited about his new do he can't stand it....
Apparently you can improve Don't you just want to kiss those little fat cheeks.