Friday, July 9, 2010

The Results....from 7/8

That's right! As you can see our beloved Alex is out of the competition. His injury is that bad! But on the upside...they are letting him return next year. FREAKIN SWEET! I loved how ALL of his fellow competitors were crying. The most moving for me was Jose was crying pretty bad. The all heart Alex too! Alex said thank you to everyone for the experience and loves his SYTYCD family.
Let's recap on the rest of the night. I had predicted that Billy and Adechike would join Alex in the bottom 3. I was almost right. Ashley? Really? I thought she had a really good night... I think people knowing Alex was automatically in the bottom 3 threw people off and votes were all over the place. I totally praise Mia for swallowing her pride and apologizing for being so UGLY to Adechike Wednesday night. You can tell it truly meant something to Adechike by the tears in his eyes. But this raises a question? Who would have been in the bottom 3 if Alex's injury wasn't an issue? We will never know, but it is something to ponder.
Billy and Ashley's solos were amazing as to be expected. But it was all for show since Nigel knew the night before that it would be Alex to be going home. I can't wait to see him next year. I think he might have won this year had he had the chance.
So next week I believe is the same format. Once dance with an with a competitor. I think love is blooming for Lauren and Kent...just an observation. I heart Kent....I think he is my favorite personality. Not sure who my favorite dancer is. It changes from week to week.... Until Wednesday!

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