Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thursdays Predictions

Well this just sucks! Six dancers...they did 3 dances each...and my DVR was jacked up and didn't record the show! FML!!! I tried to get on the website so I could watch the show there, no such luck, you have to wait 4 days!! So now I must wait until Beauty Sale Shopper's recap of last night and check out the pics on the website. I'll get a half ass glimpses today on the results show. This is just wrong on so many levels. I watch like 3 shows all summer and I got robbed this week. I know Billy gets hurt and is automatically in the bottom 3. Another injury, it is because this season has some of the best dancers and they are making them do truly difficult routines. Here is my totally uneducated predictions of the bottom three (keep in mind I saw NONE of last nights show):
  • Billy (by default)
  • Adechike (based on previous performances)
  • Jose (based on his lack of technique)

Truly with all the injuries I think that Billy will go home and once again someone that should go home will be saved. I will have to watch last nights performance online (in 4 days because they can't post it sooner) and I might have to comment a little more about it, also depends on who goes home.

So, there is my ultimate crappy recap. Dish Network....don't jack with my shit tonight or I will lose it, just saying!

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