Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Predictions

Todays post....has tons of pics in case you missed it! Let me start off by saying...NO INJURIES!!! Remember that I said this. I knew this week would be good because 2 people are going home this week. This is how everything went down (thru my eyes of course). Kent and Anya do a sexy Cha-Cha. I think Kent totally pulled off being sexy in this. Even Nigel said he was a "man" dancing. But then Mia went and said he needed to watch his facial expressions. I thought they were fine...but I'm not a judge so whatev. Kent pulled it off, totally believable. Robert and Kathryn do contemporary. Very moving piece. This piece is about a loved one leaving for war. The twist at the end, it is Kathryn that is going off to war, not Robert. Remember last weeks results show when Nigel said they didn't feel Robert had "grown", well last night he said he had. All the judges felt that Robert and Kathryn had great connection. When Cat asked Kathryn what she thought she got teary eyed and choked up and said this week was amazing dancing with him.
Adechike and Courtney do a Jazz routine. It was a very upbeat dance. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Not much else to comment about.
Jose and Comfort perform a Hip-Hop number. I thought this was danced very well but felt the music choice was odd. I believe it was an Otis Redding number. Mia said Jose had no "swag", I didn't feel that way.
Lauren and Allison do Broadway. Before they danced I was a little worried about this number. Allison is SO good I was afraid she would totally shadow Lauren and make her look like a "weak" dancer. To my surprise, Lauren totally uped her game and kept up with Allison. Adam commented that he thinks of Lauren as an all-star already. Mia simply said she loved Lauren and said she had just might win this thing.
Billy and Ada to contemporary. Let me start off by saying I don't like Billy. If you have read my other recaps you would already know this. I'm not sure what it is but he rubs me wrong. So, I was hoping he would do bad. But, I must say this was a beautifully danced and moving routine. Nigel said this piece showed maturity and Mia said this was her favorite piece. I love everything that Ada does.
Jose and Kent do Broadway. Right away this pairing worried me. I think it was a cute routine. Everyone feels that Kent was born to do Broadway. Mia even mentioned with Broadway Kent could get away with his facial expressions. Once again, Mia makes up words that no one understands to try and get her point across and Cat has to be like "what does that mean". I felt bad that Jose had to stand there while Kent was getting all these compliments and Jose did not get any. I do understand that he is no where near the trained dancer that Kent is but he just had that sad little puppy dog face.
Lauren and Adechike did a foxtrot. Awkward, not sure why but it didn't feel right. I don't have much else to say. I think Nigel even said he felt like they just danced it...he didn't "get" anything out of it.
Billy and Robert do a bollywood routine. I don't really get bollywood, but it was entertaining. The beginning was a little out of sync but the fixed that. I thought that Billy danced this a little feminine. After the routine, Nigel asked how Billy's knee was (injury last week) and Billy said all is good. Cat says again "no injuries this week". The judges felt like the show ended on a good note.
When they come back from commercial, they go thru every ones routines again and give the numbers to call and vote. Then.....Cat mentions that Lauren had to go see the medics and leaves it at that. Really? Not going to say anything else. And that was the end of the show. WTF?
How am I supposed to predict my bottom three with that? I don't know for sure what is even wrong with Lauren and if she could possibly be in the bottom three by default. I would think since she was able to dance that wouldn't be an issue. But what if her injury is really bad and will be unable to dance next week? But other dancers have taken a week off, but since we are so close to the end will this be an issue. All the questions....
Then I see on twitter that last night SYTYCD tweeted that she was just dehydrated. This morning...they said she also had a concussion and are waiting to hear from the doctors. She can't be out. I think the final two are going to be her and Kent....she needs her chance.
Here are my predictions assuming everything is peachy with Lauren:
  • Jose-he just isn't trained and up to the same standard as the others
  • Adechike-compared to the other dancers, he doesn't have the fan base or the "umf" the others do
  • Billy-not just because I don't care for him, he has also been in the bottom 3 before, but something about him doesn't connect with America (but he did have a good night)

There you go! Only two more weeks after tonight and we will know who America's favorite dancer is. This is a hard year, but I think it would have been even harder if Alex and Ashley stayed in the competition and didn't leave with injuries.

Update: SYTYCD just put on twitter that Lauren is OK. She will not dance the opening number but will dance if she is in the bottom 3 (like that is going to happen)!


  1. ok, just reading your review of Robert and Kathryn's dance had my eyes all watery... can't believe I missed it!!!

  2. goggle it and watch won't be disappointed