Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursdays Predictions

That's's time again for me to recap the show I'm addicted to all summer long, give you my expert opinion and predict the bottom 3. Let me tell you, picking the bottom 3 is getting increasingly harder and I'm starting to not look forward to it. Let's start off by saying Ashley hurt her ribs or something and is in the hospital and will automatically be in the bottom three. On the plus side, I only have to predict 2 this week (again). But here we go:
  • Lauren and Mark do a Tahitian piece. I liked it! It was something new and original on the show. I can not believe how Lauren's hips moved. Constantly shaking even when she was walking....I envy that. And Mark......I heart him. He is super sexy. I think he is an excellent dancer and gives 110% to everything he does.
  • Adechike and Anya do Salsa! It was competition salsa. I thought there were some awkward moments. I didn't feel a real "connection" between them. There were alot of hard moves and I think Adechike got thru them and finished the routine. But the judges were acting like it was his best routine to date....not at all. It wasn't awful but i would say it was one of my least favorite of the night.
  • Jose and Courtney do Broadway. I found this odd. I thought that Jose was basically dancing by himself and Courtney was just walking provocatively around the stage. Didn't like that....I thought this was kind of a "partnering" show. None the less, I have never been formally trained in any kind of dance so I guess I don't know anything! I thought Jose did a great job but NONE of the judges agreed with me. I was so sad for Jose...I thought he was going to cry...and Mia too. But Adam gave him things to work on and that boosted Jose up a little....gets him motivated.
  • Robert and Allison Travis Wall contemporary. I think they had an advantage from the get go. I personally feel anything Travis Wall does is amazing especially if there are great dancers...which he had. Plus, if you choreograph anything from the heart with emotion....instant winner, winner, chicken dinner! This was in tribute to Travis' mom. Knowing how much Robert's own mom means to him I think this really hit close to home for him. Allison is amazing at ANYTHING she does. So this....was a match made in Heaven....standing ovation. With Mia losing her mom recently this affected her the most....go Mia for's alright to do so. Loved the piece, perfection.
  • Billy and Anya dance the jive. I thought Billy connected a little more with Anya. Anya's heel got caught in her dress early on and gave her a few problems thru out the dance and feel it affected her performance and in turn affected Billy's. Very upbeat piece...but all Jives are. The judges were thrilled with Billy's progress, I thought he did progress...but it wasn't ALL that. I don't know if it will get America to vote this week.
  • Kent and Neil do Broadway. AMAZING! Kent was born to do Broadway. For once he can do a dance where the judges won't gripe about facial features, although he did tone them down. I think for an all boy routine it totally worked. Their leaps and everything were almost always together. Loved it!
  • Lauren and Billy do a Jazz. Two pairs of shoes meet each other....interesting concept. I enjoyed the piece. I thought they both danced it very well. I agree with Adam, Billy did actually "get into" the music and looked like he was just enjoying himself. I felt Lauren did a good job as well.
  • Jose and Dominic do a B-boy routine. First one ever on SYTYCD stage and it was AWESOME! Didn't care for the costumes but loved the dance. Jose totally redeemed himself. I agree with Adam, it was great that Jose got shot down on the other dance and was able to get himself together and "school" everyone. I think Jose has America's heart. I don't think he will win...but I don't know if he's going home just yet.
  • Adechike and Kent on a contemporary number. Two boys again. I think they are challenging the choreographers this year as well. worked! I think they both did a great job. I love Kent's dancing....period. I think Adechike did a great job...his leaps were wonderful.
  • Robert and Katherine do disco. Why? Disco is like the quickstep. Mind as well be the kiss of death, right? But, they pulled it off. Robert is great at what he Totally pulled it off and it was a joy to watch.

So now to pick the bottom 3. Ashley is automatically there. But I'm unsure who might be joining her. Jose is not there technically but I feel he connects with America more than say, Billy. Adechike might be there as well because I think he is ify with both America and the judges. Some weeks they love him and others...not so much. Robert might just because America is weird and apparently misdial every week. I think Kent is safe without a doubt and I feel the only reason Lauren might be in the bottom 3 is because the tween girls are pissed because she got to kiss Kent.

So the predictions are:

  • Ashley (by default)
  • Billy
  • Adechike

Hmmm, same two people I picked last week. I see a trend. But I was right with Billy last week and I feel Alex going home due to injury could have possibly saved Billy. We will see tonight!

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  1. I don't know either! I'm freaking it's going to be ashley... the girls can't afford the loss!