Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Am I at that point?

I feel as if I have added stress on me lately to look a "certain" way. In the past couple of weeks I've been told that I have ALOT of gray showing, my hair cut makes my face heavy, the steriods made my whole face pudgy.... I'm hard enough on myself really, I don't need your help. I (unfortunately) have to see myself naked and see the kangaroo pouch I call a belly where my baby once was. I realize that I do have an infant. But I feel after 6 months...I should see some signs of not being the fat ass that I see before me. Then today, the Avon lady brought us our catalogs. On the front cover is the "age defining cream". Like usual I flip past it and think nothing more. But then on the next page it shows 3 different creams...for age groups, 50.., 40..., and 30?! And I ask myself "Am I at that point?" Do I really need to start using moisturizers and all that at 31? At one time I always thought over 30 was old....but I feel fairly young. I don't feel like I "look" my age, some times I do "feel" older than my age. So you are telling me I need to add yet another cream to my after shower routine? Pimple cream, mederma for my scar, lotion for my body and now wrinkle cream? FML!!! Momma didn't tell me about that one, lol.

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  1. We only tell you that because we love you. You are still very beautiful. Wrinkle cream, start using sun screen regulary and you won't need the wrinkle cream so early. I wish I would have done that long ago otherwise you will end up with skin like mine.