Monday, July 12, 2010

First hair cut!

Last Friday we gave Blake a haircut. So, it was his "first" haircut but not his "first real" haircut. We just cut above the ears. Since Blake lost only the hair on top of his head and was working the old man look for awhile his hair grew way past his ears. Look at those beautiful baby blue eyes.
As you can see....not a cute look, even on Blake.
So we decided to cut it. That's right, we are using kitchen scissors...that' how we roll.
Much better!!!!
This side got butchered a little...but it's all good.
He is SO excited about his new do he can't stand it....
Apparently you can improve Don't you just want to kiss those little fat cheeks.


  1. I absolutly adore him!!
    -Lindsey =)

  2. and this would be my second love. what a cute little man. how could you not love him?