Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laundry of a little boy

I'm not totally sure how it happens, but babies go thru ALOT of laundry. I have had 3 baskets of CLEAN laundry in Blake's room for well over a month now. I always have good intentions of going home and folding and putting some of it up....but life happens and I just don't get to it, until last night. I came home and started dinner, feed Blake and then layed him down in the living room with a bottle. After his bottle I thought for sure he would go to sleep.....not so much. No biggie, he was playing quietly by himself. Then while we were sitting down eating dinner we heard Blake babbling to himself and all of a sudden quiet! I looked and he was passed out. Yay! After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and went to tackle Blake's room. I started folding laundry and putting everything where it needed to go. Some of the clothes he had already grown out of so I put them in a bag. In no time, basket number 1 was done! I tackled basket number 2 and the pile on the floor! Mission accomplished. Then I realized when Blake did his exorcist throw up Sunday he got it on the carpet so hubby had to clean that up. I moved the humidifier and cleaned out two bags we had used to go to various places. I was pretty happy. Now I just need my mom to come Saturday and hang up two pictures and that room will be perfect! I loved getting things organized, takes the stress out of life.

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