Friday, July 16, 2010

The Results.....7/15

Awww...Ashley went home due to injury. She was very emotional and saddened by the news, to be expected. I would have loved to see her dance this week out of her element...would have been a change. The judges have had it to easy. They haven't had to make a decision in two weeks. So, my predictions were once again half right...Ashley (by default), Billy and Jose. I wasn't sure between Adechike and Jose... It was a toss up. Comfort and Twitch do an AWESOME hip-hop routine. I think they have the same "style" of hip-hop and it looked great. They have both grown so much since their season on SYTYCD. I loved the comments by Nigel about their solos. Nigel said he felt like he saw a different side of Jose in the last two nights. He really felt like Jose was fighting for his life, so much so that he almost looked angry...but he liked it. Nigel commented that he felt Billy almost went back a step from Wednesday night saying that basically his solos are all the same, he is not bringing anything new to the table. Then Nigel tells us that Ashley is out of the competition due to injury. I wonder if Ashley wasn't injured and was able to dance what would have happened. Would she still have been in the bottom 3? Would Jose have gone home? From here on out Thursdays will sadden me even more. I love all the remaining contestants...I'm emotionally attached to them now. As of today...I think Kent might win it, but Lauren is going to make him work for it. Keep in mind Lauren is now THE ONLY remaining girl left so she has even more to prove. She is representing the females now! Until next Wednesday......

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