Friday, July 23, 2010

The Results.....7/22

What a night! Before I talk about Thursday's results show, I watched the dance videos for Wednesday night. I only was able to see the dance and did not get to hear any of the judges comments. Here is my more educated opinion on Wednesday night's dances, I know you all were waiting (actually I don't think anyone reads my SYTYCD post but April but I still love to do them).
  • Lauren and Twitch: Hip-Hop. Save a horse Ride a cowboy! Loved the dance. I felt like she really "brought it" to the stage and totally held her own next to Twitch. It was fun, sexy and entertaining.
  • Jose and Allison: Contemporary. Personally....felt like there was VERY little dancing. Not sure how the judges felt about it. It was good I guess based on what they were given. There was emotion and feeling, showed Jose's strength (muscles) and I loved how they didn't incorporate any of his b-boying and he did straight contemporary.
  • Robert and Lauren: Jazz. Saucy! I loved it! There was one party where Robert ran his mouth up Lauren's Robert SO reminds me of Mark. I think he was there for Lauren and held his own as well.
  • Kent and Kathryn: Jazz. It was good...for some reason the dance didn't really "do" anything for me, but it was danced well.
  • Adechike and Comfort: Hip-Hop. Very intense! I liked it alot. Showed a new dynamic for Adechike. His tears during the judges comments were priceless, it obviously touched him on a personal level. Excellent dance.
  • Lauren and Robert: samba. Sexy. I thought they both did very well. Robert looked like a Latin dancer, sexy. Both of them moved there hips just right when needed. Excellent routine.
  • Adechike and Jose: Paso Doble. I felt like two guys doing a Paso was a little weird. Another observation, Jose is much more muscular than Adechike. When they were doing the cape thing at the beginning it looked like Adechike had to put in alot more effort than Jose to get that cape to whirl around.
  • Kent and Twitch: step. Let me start off by saying Billy was supposed to dance this with Kent.....that would have been the ultimate showdown. Really wish America could have seen that....I think Kent would have kicked Billy's butt. With that being said, I thought that Kent and Twitch did a great job. Kent looked like he was the kid, only because Twitch is so tall, not because his skills were not there, so it was perfect when Kent handed Twitch the "stepping 201" book at the end. I agree....there is nothing Kent can't do. He just needs to work on his machoness during salsa (or sexy) routines.

If I had watched the routines before my predictions yesterday I think my predictions still would have stayed the same. That brings me to the actual "The Results" post.

They tell us right away who the bottom two are that join Billy. Jose (which I figured) and Robert. I just don't understand why Robert keeps being put down there. After the dancing and all that the judges come back to tell us who will go home. Nigel calls Robert forward and tells him that the judges feel he has not been growing as a dancer and told him if he stays with the show he needs to really work on that. Then, Nigel calls Jose forward. He tells Jose as well that the judges feel he has not been growing as a dancer in other genres but he has grown in his solos, his own style. He needs to work on this as well if he stays. Then Nigel calls Billy forward. There is something about this kid that I don't really care for but I cannot put my finger on it. Nigel said that Billy has set a new precedent for the show. The doctors cleared Billy to dance and he "chose" not to do a solo tonight. Nigel said it was hard to judge him with him not only not dancing this week but not doing a solo as well. Nigel then decided that no one goes home this week but two people will go home next week! I don't agree with this decision at all. Not dancing was Billy's choice. Ugh!

So, now the dancers will have twice as much pressure to dance well next week since two are going home. I feel more injuries coming on...just saying. I hate to say it but I think Jose is definitely going home next week...just not sure who will be joining him. Until Wednesday...

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