Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Goals are very important, especially in weight loss. You need something to motivate, to work for. I thought about this all last night and when I got to work I went and talked to Beauty Sale Shopper about it. I told her if, no...when, I lost 2 sizes....I would reward myself with a pair of Miss Me jeans. Are they not the cutest ever! I haven't spent alot of money on jeans since my bar days (rockies and cruel girls) so this is a big deal! On sale they are $85!!!! But if I can get down 2 sizes, I think I deserve just one pair. Then Negative Nancy, aka Beauty Sale Shopper, said "well, if I lose 2 sizes I'll still be fat". Negativity during weight loss is not an option if I'm going to be your partner in this. So, she said "Well save your size ## for me" omg....did she just set a goal so I said "your goal is to get in to my clothes!" We high fived and I was pleased to turn Negative Nancy's mood into something positive. Together we can do it!

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  1. Nancy here - did there really have to be 2 # signs? lol, yeah I think we're going to kick butt in this