Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Predictions

  • As I figured....this was not a weekly thing. My last prediction was on 8/19/10, before school started. A few things have happened since then, go figure right! Let me talk about what happened with those predictions first.
  • Devon does love school! His behavior is even really good this year.
  • I was totally wrong about Alexys! While no teenager LOVES school. She doesn't hate it either and that makes me happy. She got her progress report the other day. She was happy and her father and I were so proud. 5 As and 2 Bs. Not bad at all! If she gets all As on her report card.....she gets $200! Good incentive right!
  • Blake...he is able to play with the other babies more now that he sits up. The teachers always comment on his happy personality and have recently said he's starting to babble more. Sweet!
  • My anxiety of being an over-protective mom.... I was actually more worried about Alexys then Devon. But when she got home and text me that it was actually a decent day I was happy. I text her Tuesday morning when she was on her way to school...about her mission to become a social butterfly. I told her the goal this week was to make at least 1 new friend. When she got home...she had made several new friends! yay!


  • Blake-I don't see him taking off crawling anytime soon, but if I could get him to get on all 4s that would be awesome. Sleeping through the night again would be nice. Seems he either pees through his diaper in the middle of the night or just likes to wake up crying lately.
  • Devon-I predict that school will continue to go smoothly. He has been asking to have his first sleep over and I might cave this weekend and let him do it. My little boy is growing up and I need to let him spread his wings. I even left him home alone for 20 minutes by himself last week. OMG!
  • Alexys-I predict that she will totally get all As on her report card because money totally motivates her. Plus the fact that we actually tell her we are proud of her....I think that does a little something for her as well. She is having a slumber party this weekend (because clearly, I've lost my mind) and I think the girls will have an awesome time. Kristen is coming over early and the girls are going to do a "photo shoot" with me. They both seem excited and are already picking out outfits and deciding hair and make up. I predict at Homecoming she will look beautiful, have an awesome time and dance her heart out.
  • Me-I predict as usual I will commit to more things then are humanly possible but still manage to get them all done and make everyone happy. I predict I will try my hardest to get organized this weekend but will decide that chillin with a glass of wine sounds better.
  • Robert-I predict that he will enjoy his long weekend away at the deer lease but come Sunday he will miss me and the kids desperately and come home as soon as possible.

There you random predictions in a nut shell. Off to get my hair done today. I need these grays to go away before I have a house full of teenage girls to totally make me feel old. Whatev....I'm pretty cool anyways!

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