Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fat Tuesday

I know it is "really" Wednesday, but whatev! I wanted to live out all of Tuesday so I could give you a good Fat Tuesday post. Yesterday I actually started a diet! I know right. I was getting nowhere fast on my own so anything was worth a try, and one of the ladies in my office has lost a ton of weight on this. It's the 3 day diet! I like it because you get off days. I diet for 3 days and off for 4. I picked Tuesday thru Thursday for a reason. First, I weigh in on Tuesday's so I think that is a good day to start every week. Second, Monday's are hard enough....why put more pressure on it. Third, who wants to diet on the weekend? So, yesterday morning I got on the scale. Ugh! The most I've EVER weighed!!!! I was discouraged already. I ate my breakfast per my diet. No biggie, I'm not a big breakfast girl. Then lunch...really....one can of tuna and a piece of toast. That's it? Oy! But I did it. I did cheat a little and have 3 strawberries for a snack. I got home and had the dinner. I don't like hot dogs so I did lean meat instead. And before I went to bed (still hungry), I thought....I made it through the day! On my way to work this morning I was thinking about the food for the 3 day diet. The first day you get the least amount of food. Already tackled the hardest day. I got this shit, I said to myself. I got to work, and weighed myself just for shits and giggles. OMG! I lost 3 friggin pounds in one day!!! Talk about motivation. So today I've been totally dedicated and I've been positive about this diet thing. Friday morning though....I'm having a damn good breakfast because Mamma's hungry!

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