Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fat Tuesday...and a Guest post

Ok, so I gained a little.  What do you do?  I eat crap and don't exercise.  I'm not surprised.  I only gained .6 but still, I gained.  I always have good intentions of eating right and exercising but...I don't really have an excuse to not do it.  So until next week....I'll leave you with my guest posting..

My personal friend, April aka Beauty Sale Shopper, has lost ALOT of weight to date.  She looks like a different person.  If you check out her blog...you will see that she doesn't really blog anymore.  I have been trying to convince her to turn it into a weight loss blog.  She is truly motivational!  I will try and convince her to let me post a picture when this series is over.  Anyways, I asked her if she would do a guest post about her weight loss journey.  She said yes and began writing....and realized she had a lot to say.  So we will break it up.

It all started on Valentine's Day.  Due to my (then) boyfriend's crazy work schedule, it being a school night (how romantic can a Monday be, really?) and probably a bunch of hormone-related chick stuff.  I was totally miserable.  Time to torture myself, so I step on the scale and freeze.  OH. MY. GOD!!!  Being too shocked, devastated really, to do anything else, I go straight to my bed where I cry my eyes out for several hours.  How did I let myself become this bloated, disgusting cow?!  After staring at myself and my bulges/rolls/dimples/multiple chins for awhile, I borrow my mom's laptop and spend the next hour and a half researching diet pills, surgeries, ect.  That's when I landed on Weight Watchers online.  I could do it, they didn't make you eat specific foods (I'm a very picky eater) and if I did it online no one could look at me.  I would be in control.  Did I deserve to be in control?  Not with the way I had treated myself before, but I had motivation, the money and no desire to be this disturbing blob of ickiness forever.
Over the next few days, and with the help of the Weight Watcher website, I set some short and long term goals for myself.
lose 25 pounds
lose 50 pounds
lose 75 pounds
size 12
size 8
shopping @ a non-fat lady store
new swimsuit
walk up thei stairs without hurting

lose 115 pounds

To Be Continued next Tuesday.....


  1. oh, wow, it's out there now... I will tell you at the end what my starting weight was, and let before & after pics be posted. Also, I left off that my long-term goal DATE was Halloween of this year.

  2. You go April. I know I couldn't do it like you can. I'm impressed with your weight loss. Love your new hair color also. Keep up the awesome job. You will love the new you.

  3. I'm interested to see what happens.


  4. I knew about weight loss and very inspiring. Thanks for linking up. Keep it up.