Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Predictions

Let me start off with I LOVE THAT THE ALL STARS ARE BACK!!!!

Also, I know that this post is incredibly late, but the powers that be would NOT let me blog until now.  Ugh.

Here we go:

Marko and Chelsie do a salsa!  Chelsie has always been one of my favs and I was so happy when she ended up on Dancing With the Stars.  To have her back as an All Star is amazing.  This dance was very fast moving.  I think Marko did a good job at keeping up with her.  I loved the flips and good foot work.  Judges loved it as well.

Jordan and Brandon have a contemporary piece.  This was very good, they stayed in sync.  Very precise moves.  Nigel says Jordan has many strengths.  Breath taking.

Tadd and Comfort have a hip-hop number.  When I saw that they were doing a hip hop together I said to my daughter "this is going to be good".  Ugh.  I think they did what was asked of them.  I thought it was going to blow me away, it didn't.  They were in sync.  Nigel said Tadd out danced Comfort, and he did. She was just kind of....background.

Mitchell and Melody did jazz.  I didn't watch all of Season 1 and don't remember Melody at all.  I also didn't think she was that great tonight.  Might not have been her fault.  I didn't like the number.  I think they did what they were supposed to but I didn't "get it".  Not good comments from the judges either.

Caitlynn and Pasha do a sexy tango.  Caitlynn looked like a completely different girl.  Good foot work, I only saw one mess up.  Mary gave her a standing "O".  All the judges loved it!!!  The lifts were effortless.

Sasha and Twitch have hip hop.  OMG!!!  My new favorite dance in SYTYCD history.  Hott!!  She absolutely kept up with Twitch.  I think she even made him step it up a notch.  Absolutely feel the sexual tension.  Standing O.  Not a bad comment from the judges.  Mary said Sasha is the All Star tonight!

Jess and Kathryn did a contemporary piece.  Good lifts.  Very emotional.  Jess was there for Kathryn.  Mary's favorite routine with Jess.  Nigel said he did good at the lifts.  Nigel also thinks it is his best routine to date.

Melanie and Pasha do the Viennese Waltz.  I hate this dance in general...I think they should do away with it.  To me, there wasn't alot of "dancing".  What was done, was done well.  Mary loved it.  Flowed well.  All the judges loved it.

Ricky and Allison do a jazz.  It was Awesome!!!!  Loved the concept.  I love Allison, so glad she is back as an All Star.  Ricky kept up with her.  Amazing lifts.  Ricky out did himself.  I think he needed this.

Clarice and Robert did Bollywood.  Best Bollywood I've seen!  Standing O.  Danced with ease.  High energy.  Made me want to go learn Bollywood.

Who will be in the bottom three?  Based on last nights performances I think:

Mitchell-not a good dance
Tadd-the dance didn't ask alot of him
Clarice-I don't think she has a big fan base

Who do I think will be going home?  I think 2 go home....right?

Ugh...I hate picking.  Maybe Tadd and Clarice?  I really don't know but that is my guess.

I think the final 2 will be between Sasha and Melanie!

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