Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Predictions

I first want to say....Jess was an AWESOME guest judge.  Very funny!!

 Sasha and Alexander opened up with a Paso Doble.  Alex seemed more like the female than Sasha in this routine.  I didn't care for the slow parts either.  Not their best at all.
 Jordan and Tadd did a Travis Wall Contemporary.  I didn't feel like they used the whole stage.  You didn't really get the story line until the end.  I loved Jordan's costume.  Good footwork as well.  Judges didn't really connect with the story.
 Ryan and Ricky have a Broadway number. Woah!  A dance where Ryan is SUPPOSED to smile, right up her alley.  I think Ryan killed it!  I didn't really "notice" Ricky at all.  Judges liked it but had some critiques.
 Caitlynn and Mitchell did hip hop.  Caitlynn hit alot harder then Mitchell.  Judges didn't like it.  They didn't feel they were in sync and didn't get the story line.  I thought it was strange.
 Melanie and Marko do a sexy Tango.  LOVED IT!!! Melanie was sexy though out the whole dance.  Very well danced.  The lift and flip was amazing.  I even went back on the dvr to watch it again!
 Clarice and Jess have hip-hop.  Another great dance.  Jess had some moves, I was impressed.  Very well danced.
 Sasha and Alexander have a jazz piece.  Very good.  Very strong, could see the emotion, and they were in sync.  Sasha actually fell at the end.  Alex didn't dance in Sasha's shadow, he danced with her.  I was proud of him.

 Jordan and Tadd do Broadway.  Bad song for the piece.  Well danced though.  Judges didn't feel like they were pushed...that is the choreographers fault not theirs, but whatev.
 Ryan and Ricky do a Cha Cha.  Ryan was sexy.  She really stepped up her game.  Both danced well but Ryan stole the show.  Great booty shakin.  Once again I didn't really notice Ricky.  Judges hated on Ryan and gushed on Ricky.  I think they might have it out for her.
 Caitlynn and Mitchell do jazz.  Parts of it were awkward.  At the end Mitchell's head was totally in Caitlynns goodies.  Great partnering.  Awesome lifts and flips.
 Mealine and Marko have a contemporary piece.  Loved it so much.  Very smooth and emotional.  Was one of the judges favorites of the night.
Clarice and Jess end the show with a jive.  Very high energy.  Mary said one of the fastest jives she's seen on the show.  Loved it but there were a few problems.  The footwork was still good.

I had a really hard time picking a bottom three couple this week.  I don't feel any couple as a whole deserves to be there, but individuals do.  I can't wait till next week when it becomes an individual competition.  I love Jordan and Tadd but didn't love the dances they were put in.  Keep in mind this is who I would put in the bottom three.  I realize it isn't who America would because it is really just a popularity contest.  Sasha has been carrying Alexander for weeks this way.

Jordan and Tadd (they are one of my favs, but not a good night for them)
Ricky and Ryan (when Nigel hates on someone...they usually end up in the bottom)
Caitylynn and Mitchell (because I have to pick 3)

Who do I think will go home?  Out of these three, Ricky and Ryan.  Suck always couples get voted off this year.  Luckily all couples are broken up to dance with the all stars next week!!!

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