Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Predictions

I hope everyone watched last night!  I was actually surprised that a few of the dances were not "knock you socks off" great.  This is all just MY opinion of course.  Alot of what I did not like the judges and audience seemed to love.

Both the guys routine and the girls routine were AMAZING!!!! 

 Melaine and Marko had a Jazz piece.  I personally didn't love this one which is odd because I love this couple.  The audience and judges however loved it.  I also felt that having one leg in a black stocking and the other one bare was a little distracting.  All the moves however did seem well executed!  And Travis loved them (and I love him).

 Sasha and Alexander did a hip-hop number.  Alexander looked very Miami Vice to me.  I was surprised that Alexander pulled it off.  Sasha nailed it, not surprised.  I thought it was a good routine.  Judges didn't like it!  Boo on them!
 Jordan and Tadd had a waltz.  I thought it was awkward.  Jordan is use to having a "sexy look" on her face and I felt the character called for a softer look.  The dance itself needed to be more smooth and fluid like movements.  Tadd was there for Jordan for all the lifts and made it all look effortless.  Surprisingly, Mary liked it.
 Clarice and Jess had a contemporary number.  I loved this one!  They had awesome chemistry together.  They were hard hitting.  I totally bought all the emotions!
 Ryan and Ricky did a Jazz number.  Loved it.  My second favorite routine of the night.  Ryan stayed in character through out.  No smile the whole time...loved that.  They had amazing chemistry between the two of them.
 Ashley and Chris do the Salsa.  I was surprised with Chris's hip movement.  I felt that Ashley should have "shook" it a little more.  I didn't really feel chemistry between them, and the judges agreed.
Caitlynn and Mitchell get contemporary.  FAVORITE ROUTINE OF THE NIGHT!  Loved it.  They got a standing ovation.  Wonderful lifts and Mitchell was always there for Caitlynn.  Very emotional.  The piece took Nigels breath away.

  • Before I start on my predictions let me say a few things.  First, I don't love all the new choreographers this year.  Seems like just a lot of lifts sometimes and not enough dance.  Second...I am trying to base my predictions on LAST NIGHT'S dancing.  I was surprised that some of my favorites I didn't love.  I also have to keep in mind that some of the teams have a huge fan following so they will always be safe.   For instance...Sasha will carry her team, even though I feel Alexandar should go soon (not top 10 material).  Here we go.  Bottom 3 couples predictions:
  • Ashley and Chris
  • Jordan and Tadd
  • Sasha and Alexander
Who do I think will go home?  I'm not sure.  I think I will be wrong this week because it is starting to be more popularity then dancing skills but we will see.
I think Ashley should go home for the girls.  And either Chris or Alexander will be the guys.  It will be up to the judges so I feel Alexander is more versatile then Chris.

Can't wait until tonight!

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