Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Predictions

I loved the show this week.  The all-stars are amazing!  Oh, and did y'all know Twitch and Allison are dating and Lauren (from last season) and D-Trix are dating.  So really, SYTYCD is a dating show to!  Let's carry on.  Lady Gaga was a guest judge and I was surprised she was "normal" and really good.

Sasha and Pasha dance a quickstep.  The footwork was decent but not a "good" quickstep".  It was fun and entertaining but not the best I've ever seen. 

 Caitlynn and Ivan do a hip hop number.  Started a little slow.  They did well.  It was cute but not sexy.  Good partnering but I think it need a little more "sexy" from Caitlynn.  She needed to put her hips into it.
 Jordan and Ade do jazz.  They had a "moment" at the end....I thought they were going to kiss.  Very busy, a lot of flips.  Fun Routine.  Great leg extensions.  They were in unison.
 Melanie and Neil do contemporary.  Honestly...this is like a match made in heaven in the contemporary world.  Amazing!!!  You can always see the emotion in Melanie's face.  Great lifts.  Seeing Melanie literally fly through the air into Neils arms was amazing!  Flawless.  Standing O.  Lady Gaga said she would hire Melanie.
 Ricky and Anya do a jive.  She did an awesome flip with Ricky, like she flipped him!  I don't think he dance it well.  He almost dropped her once.
 Jess and Lauren G do hip hop.  I liked it.  When Jess finally got to dance, he flowed really well.
 Tadd and Lauren do jazz.  I think they danced it well, but I didn't like the choreography.  Tadd lost his hat and got punched in the face and acted like neither ever happened.  The judges seemed to love it as well.
 Marko and Allison do contemporary.  Standing O!  Both dancers were moved to tears.  Gaga cried!  So emotional.  In unison.  Great partnering.  Another wonderful piece with Allison in it.
 Caitlynn and Tadd danced a foxtrot.  I found myself watching Tadd the whole time.  Great partnering.  Good footwork.  Caitlynn looked very elegant.
 Marko and Ricky do hip hop.  Awesome.  Marko out danced Ricky.  Great footwork.  Marko seemed so natural at it.  I even saw him singing at one point.  Ricky seemed a little "elementary" dancing.  Very entertaining.  I see this as one of the dances Ellen does like she did of Alex and Twitches dance last year.
 Jordan and Jess do a rumba.  Jordan stole the show.  Jess just isn't "sexy".  Good partnering.  Not good chemistry.  She was arching her back to much.  Her dress was barely there.  The judges didn't seem to love the dance.
Melanie and Sasha dance a jazz.  The two best dancers were together.  I was so excited for it to start.  Really, Really good!!!  Standing O!  Best of the evening!


Bottom 4

I think based on last night that Ricky and Caitlynn will be going home.

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  1. I think your right about who is going home. Since my name always shows anonymous it is ItsSondra from twitter.