Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Results...6/30

Sorry this post is a bit late.  I only worked half a day on Friday and then I was off for a camping weekend.

So who did America vote (or not vote) into the bottom three on So You Think You Can Dance?
  • Ashley and Chris
  • Miranda and Robert
  • Caitlynn and Mitchel
I got 2 out of the 3 couples right, not bad.  They all performed their solos and "danced for their lives".  Since so much time has passed I don't remember everything about every ones solos.  I do remember that when Caitlynn was done with her solo that she had tears in her eyes.

I knew that Mitchel would stay but I was honestly surprised that Robert went home instead of Chris.  I don't feel that Chris is that good, my opinion.  The girls, I wasn't totally surprised.  Miranda is good but someone had to go home and I don't know what it was but I knew it would be her.

This season has amazing dancers.  I don't know if you follow them all on Twitter.  I'm a SYTYCD nerd so I do.  Cat had a 4th of July party for all the SYTYCD dancers, past and present.  From the tweets, it was ALOT of fun.  Until Wednesday.....

Their story has just begun.

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