Monday, July 11, 2011

The Results 7/7....

Late once again...what ya gonna do?  So last Thursday on So You Think You Can Dance America voted.  The bottom three couples to dance for their lives were:

Ashley and Chris
Jordan and Tadd
Ryan and Ricky

I was very surprised with Ryan and Ricky because everyone seemed to love their routine.  For some reason, they are not connecting with America.

So, everyone danced for their lives.  I was very unimpressed with Tadd's solo and Jordan's was also kind of blah as well.  I'm glad when Nigel came back with the decisions that he told ALL of them they needed to step up their solos and quit doing the same thing.  I'm not surprised that Ashley and Chris went home.  It was who I predicted.  I know they will continue to grow and do well with their dancing career.  I can't wait until Wednesday!  Almost time to announce the All-Stars!!

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