Friday, July 15, 2011

The Results.....7/14

Last nights show.....  I honestly had no idea who America would put in the bottom 3.  And I was surprised by the results.

Caitlynn and Mitchell
Ryan and Ricky
Sasha and Alexander

I kind of thought Caitlynn and Mitchell would be there.  Their hip hop routine wasn't one of their best dances.

Ryan and Ricky I knew would be in the bottom.  For some reason they find themselves there week after week.  I think Ryan did really well but peaked to late in the competition.

Sasha and Alexander I was totally surprised by.  I thought for sure Sasha's fans would vote enough for her.  I think that her and Alexander were surprised as well.  I didn't realize that Sasha was such an emotional person until last weeks results.  She had tears in her eyes the rest of the night.

Who went home?  Ryan and Alexander.  Are we surprised with Ryan?  No.  The judges have been bagging on her for the last couple of weeks and this was her first really good week.  Compared with the other girls on the show....she was the weakest.  Alexander...  While I think he is a good dancer, I've said for weeks if they ever were in the bottom 3 he would be the one to go.  Like Ryan this was is first really good week and compared to the other guys that hold their own week after week, it was his time to go.

Now we have our top 10 dancers that will be going on tour!!!  I say every year I'm going to see them.  This year I really HAVE to!!!!

I am glad that next week we start voting for individuals...and the ALL STARS ARE BACK!!!!  I love all of the all stars coming back.  The only one I haven't seen is the one girl from Season 1 because I didn't watch it religiously then like I do now.

On a side not (totally irrelevant but I think it is funny) my daughter can't remember every ones names so they all have nicknames.  Caitlynn's is "the girl with the perfect bangs".  Don't you just love them!?!?

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